Art Fair Week: Children, Interrupted.

Following are works I’ve seen throughout the fairs that depict with children and adolescents in states of disturbia.

Without further ado, Disturbed Adolescence:

img_3799Dietrich Wegner at Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago (Pulse)

Branded baby, an imprint of the child’s future consumptions and commodity abuse.

img_3742Christian Curiel at Galerie Baumet Sultana, France (Volta)

Jarring and dreamy, the adolescent figures in these paintings and drawings are pale and ghastly, pacing like zombies engaging in mystic rituals that is beyond comprehension to us all. They seem possessed and oblivious, independent rulers with no knowledge or dependence on adults. The paintings are hazy and shaky, keen on detail with an even mix of washy and precise outline. The drawings use repetitive patterns of succint splashes of paint flowing through the paper.

img_3931Thomas Broome at Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm (Armory)

The title of this sculpture is Eggshell Mind. I’m still trying to figure out what it means. Its ghastly and creepy nonetheless.

img_3744Stephan Melzl at Thomas Rehbein Galerie, Germany (Volta)

Thin layer of paint in sepia tones, dreamy and nostalgic, like a photograph from the 1920s. The half stripped bear and missing slippers give suggestion of violence, fear, avoidance and protection. The bear will protect her.

img_0661Julia Fullerton-Batten at Jenkins Johnson, CA/NY (Scope)

Teenage girls supersized. These pretty godzillas nonchalantly roam through the streets of cuttie cutter suburbia, stone cold and zombie like, perhaps having given up trying to escape and coming to terms and accepting their bigger than life curiosity and need for escape, instead settling for an uneventful sheltered lifestyle. I think I’m projecting.

img_0666Karim Hamid at d Faulken gallery, NY (Scope)

School portraits of children with piercing eyes, nervous smiles, possessed devil worshippers. Creepy.

img_3755Von Kommanivah at Walsh Gallery, Chicago (Volta)

I actually saw a lot of works in this vein of revealing a crude childish hand in drawing and execution. Again perhaps a reflection of our wanting to go back to the safety and unworriedness of our childhood. The bears/dogs remind me of Dzama.

img_3840Xu Bacheng at Gallery 55, China (Pulse)

A series of small scale paintings hung crooked along the wall with images of black eyed lonely little girls, beckoning us to play and share in their decrepit isolation.


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