Art Fair Week: Signage

The economic crisis was on everyone’s lips this year and their worries were reflected in a few works found mostly at Armory.


img_3791Alejandro Diaz at Happy Lion, CA (Volta)

I remember seeing these in a group show about commercialization of art, can’t remember where…

img_3912Adam McEwen at Nicole Klagsbrun, NY (Armory)

I heard many galleries are going deeper than their usual 10-20% discount to collectors and offering up to 50% off. How can they not?

img_3939Elmgreen & Dragset at Massimo de Carlo, Italy (Armory)


img_3940Paola Pivi at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris (Armory)

Reads “Stop the complaint, we just bought it.”

img_3976Claire Fontaine at Regina Gallery, Moscow (Armory)


img_4003Calude Leveque at Kamel Mennour Gallery, Paris (Armory)

Reads “Rise of the poisoned youth.” Trying to blame it on us young folk.

It’s interesting that these economically inclined works were (for the most part) all shown in Armory. Shows you who’s really concerned, not us poor creative young folk.

img_3766Dimitry Gutov at Scaramouche Gallery, NY (Volta)

Ahhh, the good old days.

img_39102Beth Campbell at Nicole Klagsbrun, NY (Armory)

A victim of the kind of artist Gutov is berading. Titled “My potential future based on present circumstances” It is a flow chart with single sentence thoughts connecting by wisps of line branching out of one phrase on the bottom of the image reading “I am spending too much time worrying about the economic downfall.” Perchance more of a worry for mid-career and established artists that have become comfortable with their money making works.

Your Obama Moment:

img_3900Hank Willis Thomas at Cereal Art, PA (Armory)

Cereal portrait of Obama at Cereal Art, get it?

img_3794Forgot to write down artist name and gallery…

This is very perverse. Both to be submitted to Bad Paintings of Obama.


img_3737Eugenio Merino at ADN Galeria, Spain (Volta)


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  1. Glad to see the cereal art joke got gotten by someone besides us. Everyone else grumped away, but they still plastered the place with the images. I call that a winner!

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