I am very pleased and proud to announce I am now a contributor to Greenpointers. I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn so it only makes sense that I share my grievances and celebrations of the nabe with this awesome local culture blog. They cover all things Greenpoint, from Karaoke fests, to news gossip, scenic pictures, disturbing facts,  and happenings.

I plan to interview neighborhood shops, profile local residents, cover all sorts of happenings, reveal boutique discounts and sales, review restaurants/bars/cafes, and solicit Greenpoint artists. I am oh so excited about this new venture and hope to provide a healthy biased perspective on this neighborhood that I hate to love, love to hate.

If you’re in the nabe and have hints and suggestions for coverage, holler at’cha boyeeee! (sorry, that was corny)

Check out the blog here.


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3 responses to “Greenpointers

  1. Welcome girleeeeeee! 😉

  2. Way to go! I’m a long time resident of GP and will be reading.

  3. glad to have someone represent the other side of Mcguinnes blvd. area on the greenpointers blog.
    btw, I just looked at all your artfair coverage and it was great.

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