Marlow & Sons

FYI I’m still not done covering art fair week, I’ve still got Fountain and Scope to go. My life has been a whirlwind of stuffs-to-dos and I’m sooooooo behind on blogging. I’ve got shows I’ve seen 2 months ago that I still need to cover, and I WILL cover them. I’ve got recipes I’ve tried weeks ago that need to be mentioned, and I WILL cover them. I often daydream about never sleeping so I can be frantic like this 24/7. Or just erase time altogether.

Anyway, a few days ago I ate dinner at Marlow & Sons for the very first time. I’ve been dying to try it out and now I’m dying to go back. It’s honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Too bad I didn’t have a beautiful handy camera with me to document my face contorting in netherworldly pleasures.

The space itself is packed with quirkdome. You enter into someone’s pantry of sauces and breads and marvel at a cafe stand of coffee and scrumptious lookin’ pastries. Walk towards the back and to your left is a bar and the right are tables squeezed together full of happy mouths and bellies. It’s dim and homey, I honestly wasn’t really paying attention to what were on the walls, I’ll make sure to report next time I am there. Although it was a Friday night I was amazed at how many people were in this cozy restauarnt in dinky south williamsburg. We waited about half an hour to be seated at a table jammed against a wall. The menu changes often and having the specials called out by the waitress always fluster me because I never remember what they offered, or it was too loud to hear so I just pretend to listen and ignore the specials. But tonight my ears sympathized with a yearning appetite and I gave in to poached sea bass with poached vegetables. This kick started my newfound discovery of fish in general. My friend enjoyed turrine which I learned are the cheeks of a pig’s head. Gross in thought, chewy, soft and delicate in taste. I don’t know that I would order it myself though. We also had two different slices of cheese with bread. One was brie like, the other was, like, regular like. I don’t know how to talk about cheese.

Then, comes the best best best best part. Dessert.

Caramel Chocolate Tart with chunks of sea salt sprinkled on top. Holy fucking cow. We were both swooning with love. I couldn’t believe what was going on in my mouth. The sweet gooeyness of the caramel matched so unbelievably well with the salt, who woulda thunk it! The bottom layer was slightly crunchy and the top chocolate was soft. I found out it is a recipe by Claudia Fleming which can be found in the restaurant’s Diner Journal, or in her book, or this blog. I will probably make this for the next FEAST dinner. I can’t wait to try it.

What I loved about it all was that I left without feeling obtuse, bloated, fat, loaded with gluttony. I felt just perfect, which is fitting for such a perfect meal.


Update: I received the most recent issue of Saveur in the mail and what the hell do you know, the caramel chocolate tart is on the cover! This is a friggin’ sign. I am making this ASAP.



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