Art Fair Week: Scope

Thanks all for your kind words, it’s a bit embarrassing posting something that personal but apparently I’m not the only one. I’m just as crazy as you are! Great!

On that note. Here is a belated post on Scope fair, which was my favorite of ’em all, there are many who will argue when I say it successfully integrated different mediums and emphasizes emerging art in a stimulating manner. Highlights:

img_0686Jon Burgerman at Helium Cowboy Artspace, Hamburg

My very favorite in the fair was Jon Bugerman’s Lossy Data Lab, a makeshit lab made out cardboard with a viewer’s window revealing the artist in a lab coat diligently laboring over questionnaires filled out by viewer which is used to create either a drawing posted throughout the walls of the booth (available for sale) alongside an evaluation of the viewer/character.

img_0679I couldn’t help but laugh.

The questionnaire asked qustions such as: “Deep in your heart do you want your friends to fail? Are you somewhat reserved and distant in communication when confronted by old people? Do you lie awake at night wondering how to put every minute of your time to good purpose instead of surfing for porn on the internet?”


My analyzed results deemed me as such: “You have supernatural powers and will most likely use them for evil.” True enough.


I enjoy the way this booth integrates DIY crafts with street art, animation, viewer participation/analyzation and light hearted humor. A winner in my book.

img_0652Nicole Mauser at Greene Contemporary, NY

Glossy abstraction, flimsy, ephemeral, and evocative.

img_0657Jeff McMilian at Lincart, CA

Portraits obscured in waves of vibrant color.

img_0658Amparo Sard at Hardcore Art Contemporary, Miami

Needle inflicted holes gather to depict scenes involving bugs and women in traditional costume. Beautifuly intricate shining a ghastly sheen.

img_0665Jill Galarneau at Rush Arts Gallery, NY

Paper and pin collage, crafty and colorful, geometric and sharp perspective, disturbing and cute.

img_0669Yigal Ozeri at Mike Weiss, NY

Photorealist rendering is perfected in these paintings of maiden elf women. Hard to believe they’re actually paintings right?

img_0674Allison Schulnik at Mike Weiss, NY

A claymation video of a hobo clown depressed and flying on LSD. His eyes explode in a series of colors vibrating at the sight he sees. It’s a metamorphic blossoming full of flowers and color field splashes. It’s a music video for Grizzly Bear.

img_0672Sin Sun Mi at Sun Contemporary, Korea

A young innocent fair skinned korean broad clad in traditional costume lifting a silencing finger, what can she hiding?

img_0673AHA! Caught!

img_0677Jordan Eagles at Jacob Karpio, Costa Rica

Blood splashes on Plexi, I found it equally distasteful and mesmerizing.

img_0684Gregory Euclide at David Smith Gallery, Denver

Exquisitely executed landscape paper constructions. Trees, rivers, stone paths are crumpled, detached, torn and restructred, flat surfaces given dimensions that don’t reflect topography but rather a withered and abused side of nature that perhaps needs some healing.

img_06891Camille Rose Garcia at Jonathan Levine, NY

This booth received a lot of media hype, it was very Nightmare Before Christmasy, graffiti, teenage angst, tattos, punk, femme fatale, fantasyish.

img_0690Marc Seguin at Licht Feld, Basel

Wolf skin taxidermy creatures to catch/eat/save the Falling Man.

img_0691Michel Goulet at Cutts Gallery, Toronto

Burned incisions outline trees that bloom trinkets. It’s cutesy but disturbing in noting ephemera of a human race that perhaps these objects are what contribute to a burning ashing disappearing natural environment.

img_0693Nikola Rothemeyer at Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin

Marcel Dzama-esque except dreamier, more dada, more girly and stationary illustration-like.

img_0696Evol at Wilde Gallery, Berlin

Spraypaint on cardboard. That he can spray with such precision to mark the sharp lines and perspective is mind boggling. That they’re executed on flimsy cardboard makes a bold statement between being taken seriously without compromising a graffiti counterculture gesture. Using discarded material to a painterly effect incorporating images of banal buildings within the everyday both humbles and uplifts a neutral viewer.

img_0700Victoria Campillo at Creative Thrift Shop, Brooklyn, NY

Crotch shots of men donning pants and boxes in the likes of artists whose name is superimposed to the image. Hysterical.


This was my favorite.

And lastly, a poet for hire.

I really enjoyed the multiplicity of unconventional mediums and how creative these young artists were in artmaking. It was refreshing and entertaining, appalling in some, inspiring in others.
I think this is all for the fairs this year. Whew.



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4 responses to “Art Fair Week: Scope

  1. Laurence is a weiner. Haha. Pretty good. Lovely recap!

  2. Oly

    Zach Houston is the poet for hire– great stuff, though very similar to Jason Metcalf’s “art vending machine” project back in Scope NY 2007.

    Take a breather now, girlie!
    You truly deserve it for the amount you’ve covered.

    Since I started covering the fairs in ’07, I’ve now begun to limit my postings from here on out.

    I literally took hundreds of photos, but had to cut back on the amount I was willing to post to only the best of the best work that caught my eye.

    I think that “free review” thing is starting to wane a bit with me, and I’m enjoying my own hiatus for a bit.

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