Momofuku Bakery Milk Bar

Momofuku is an enterprise I cannot fully support. Their noodle bowls are overpriced and go against the idea of traditional ramen being the staple peasant meal. But, they have a bakery that serves the most amazing dessert, especially a pie, the Crack Pie.

img_0723An awful picture, I obviously didn’t have my hany camera with me. Damn iphone.

A thick custardy sweet layer encased in a crusty top layer, decadent but not too complicated, crumbly crust. Each bite takes its time to dissolve in your mouth, and don’t chew, that ruins the whole experience. Just let it sit there and melt, its a mindboggling experience as you witness crunchy coincide with gooey goodness, a sharp pang of sweet trickling down your throat that ignites goosebumps. Damn this hits the spot right on. We all tried to guess what was in it and figured there had to be condensed milk and almonds, neither of which are in a recipe I found. I’ll have to consult Mr. Chang, he just might have incorporated narcotics in there to make you drool and get on bended knees pleading for more.


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