Beautiful/Decay and Sasha M. Lee

One of the most gratifying experiences in having a blog are reader’s responses, suggestions and comments. I recently posted about my existential crisis and I received so many amazing emails and comments from people and it shut me up in a good, much needed way and calmed me down and out came an onrush of posts. It was amazing. It really makes my day when readers compliment or give a thumbs up to something whether it be a recipe or a review. What I want to say is basically, thank you, and keep ’em coming! I need all the suggestions and comments and reactions I can get!

This extends further to an email I received recently by one Sasha M. Lee, Associate Editor and Publicist for the contemporary art and design magazine Beautiful/Decay based out in LA. She writes weekly artist interviews for the website and contributes reviews and interviews for the print edition. She’s a freelance writer like I and during our email escapade back and forth Sasha coined the term FFKFAW: fellow female Korean freelance art writer.


What’s most impressive about this young lady is that not only is she hot AND Korean, she maintains a very professional etiquette as an art writer through a comprehensive website promoting her availability and skills as an all around arts writer. She can be commissioned to write catalog essays, press releases, artist statements, you name it, she’ll write it! Artists these days all don a website and business card, why shouldn’t young creative writers such as us? FFKFAWs Unite!!

She recently interviewed Nick Cave who seems a bit terse and unresponsive here, and other artists I am not so familiar with but curious to find out more such as Jason Jagel.

As for the magazine, it’s not one I’ve browsed frequently in the past but am looking forward to frequenting. It’s a very unique approach, it started off as a black and white xerox zine and sprouted in 2001 as a full color magazine that now maintains a pristine and elaborate design with curved edges and shapes denoting features. Each volume is lettered and the most recent is volume Z which brings a new horizon in content and design for the magazine. It’s thin with minimal advertising distractions, with appealing typographical differences between each feature and is smart yet accessible enough not to be overwhelmed the way I often am with say artforum. The magazine seems to be actively involved with the LA art scene and both reflect the DIY, punk rock, young and hip youth art culture that is (I’m guessing) thriving in the west coast. They also cover NY and international shows, works that are specifically intricately design friendly and reviewing artists that are under-recognized and emerging. They’ve got a very promising agenda and I support their mission to bring provocative and content to the public.

Sounds like a lot of ass kissing but honestly I’m at a point where if I don’t think it’s worth mentioning or writing about because I don’t agree or enjoy in one way or another, I won’t cover it. Which only shows how much the mag is a great new find and I look forward to reading it regularly. And, again, Sasha is a great art writer with comprehensive skills, if you need help on that artist statement, call up my FFKFAW!



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2 responses to “Beautiful/Decay and Sasha M. Lee

  1. Dearest FFKFAW, I am totally blushing! This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read!!!

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