La Blogotheque

La Blogotheque does a great series of live music videos of bands visiting Paris and they’re all superbly cinematic and spontaneous. I’ve been joyously watching a few and couldn’t help smile and crush on all of ’em. I love the spectators a bit confused, amused, and enchanted. They explore cafes, bars, beautiful buildings, and roam through the romantic streets of France.  A few my favorites:

Bon Iver’s Flume

This song always gives me goosebumps and I’ve listened to it on repeat for a few weeks singing along, really loud, on my bike. Beautiful.

Grizzy Bear’s Knife

This is as silly as Grizzly Bear will get I think. I’m amazed in general by their collaborations with artists in making their videos with the likes of Tyler Coburn, Allison Schulnik, and Marcel Dzama. I’d love to meet them.

Beirut’s Nantes

I totally have a crush on this genius of a musician.

Animal Collective’s Another White Singar

I love they’re using the cone, the street dividers, the shopping cart.

Vampire Weekend’s The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance

Another cutie.

Noah and the Whale

On the train. Why are they all so cute? And those blue earmuffs.

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  1. Many thanks for bothering to write this – I found it really valuable. Are there any more blogposts like that that are on your blog site?

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