Reader: March 25, 2009

Warning: Some of these links may be a week or two outdated, but still up because it’s my first time reading it and I like it.

– New 7 by 7 series at why + wherefore: Ribbon. (via why + wherefore)

Nude pictures in underground NY environment. And she’s korean. She sounds like she memorized her talk. (via Nancy)

Dance, for spring is a’comin. (via Nancy)


– Mike Monteiro for 20×200. (via Jen Bekman)

– I like the events at Museum 52. (via Hyla)

– “About one-fourth of the variation in life experiences — from strictness of parents to difficulties with friends — can be traced to genetic origins.” They also say neurotic people are not extraverted which is totally untrue! (via NYT)

MTA will raise fares and cut services. Fares will go from $2 to $2.50, monthly from $81 to $103. W and Z lines are going down completely and weekend and holiday schedules will be limited, effective May 31st. This wil surely create an uprising. (via NYT)

– I want cookbooks from this healthy list. (via 101 cookbooks)


– Artists speak about the failing economy, covered in online FLYP book format with videos and sound effects. (via newsgrist)

Rob Brezsny tells me not to be greedy. (via free will astrology)

– Have cookies delivered to you at 2 am or catered for your boardroom meeting for $2.50 per person. (via tasting table)

– How to grow perfect tomatoes. (via Sunset)

– Some good shows coming up, none of which I can attend. Boo. (via Brooklyn Based)

– Renegade Craft Fair app deadline is approaching. (via renegade craft fair)

– How to develop film using coffee and vitamin C. (via photojojo)

– You too, can have a garden on your fire escape and windowsill. Fortunately I have a backyard that I look forward to sprucing up with veggies. (via brooklyn based)

– Can’t wait to check out The Smile. (via Racked)

To be continued…


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