India Street Mural Project: Calling Artists!

The Open Space Alliance and North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition have merged on a project to create a mural on India Street between West Street and the East River. They are looking for artists to participate which includes a $700 stipend! What are you waiting for!!

Project Description
India Street Mural Project is a series of murals celebrating the arts in our community that will take place at India Street between West Street and the East River in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The concrete wall dimensions are approximately 400’ long x 30’ tall. Murals will be on display through Fall 2009, after which time the building is slated for demolition. Five artists will be chosen to each create their own mural. Each mural will be approximately 20’ high x 25’ wide. Group submissions are welcome. Council Member David Yassky’s office will convene a panel to select the artists. Groundswell Community Mural Project will provide administrative and technical consult on the project. Selected artists will be provided with a budgeted amount of materials as well as a stipend of $700.

The direct link to the Request for Proposal contains all the information, timeline and submission requirements. Deadline is April 24th, so you’ve still got time. Click on the link HERE.

Also, the next NBPAC coalition meeting takes place Thursday April 2nd, 6:30 pm at The Gibson (108 Bedford Ave). It will guaranteed be a successful awesome turnout so attend the meeting and flesh out your ideas and thoughts, questions and concerns. Feel free to contact NBPAC with any questions and join their facebook page to receive updates.

This is a superb opportunity for artists living and working in our hood as it not only beautifies our immediate surroundings but provides a networking system that doesn’t really seem to exist in Greenpoint. I’ve got some ideas cooking up in my brain bringing greenpoint artists together and showing work in a local vacant space as well as organizing an open studios in the weekend, hopefully in the fall of this year. So all you artists cooped up in your studio come out and introduce yourself and share those great ideas.



View facebook event page here.



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2 responses to “India Street Mural Project: Calling Artists!

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