Reader: March 28, 2009

Reading through Reader is taking forever…

A movie by Paul H-O of Gallery Beat (90’s video fanfare of the art world, some available on youtube) who dated Cindy Sherman. This is a narrative documentry of the art scene and a close look at the elusive Sherman at that time. I’m betting it’ll be funny and nostalgic and self-reflective. Funny interview with Paul H-O by C-monster (via artinfo)

– Picasso’s show at Gagosian Chelsea organized by biographer John Richardson. (via NYT)

– I’m always impressed with the shows Zwirner puts up and I can’t wait to see Dicorcia’s show. (via art observed)

– How NOT to approach a gallery. (via Joanne Mattera)

– Internet surf clubs. (via art fag city)

– AFC interviews Jenny Holzer. (via art fag city)

– Photographer visits homes of people posting personals and takes their portrait. The anonymous revealed. (via artblog comments)


– Dull Ikea clock, refashioned. (via design*sponge)


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