Honey Ginger Chicken with Polenta and Chard

A few days ago I made this dinner and have luckily had left overs for three following days. I found an irresistably delicious sounding recipe here about viet-style honey ginger chicken with lemons and that combo of soft tender chicken thighs draped in a gooey sweet and bitter sauce was too good not to be had. I also found a helpful tip from this blog about how to prepare your greens right off the market so they are ready to use straight from the fridge. The recipe was a garlic filled with speckles of currants that complimented beautifully with a bowl of comforting buttery polenta.


The recipe said to let the liquid with sauces simmer with the chicken for 20 minutes, I ended up letting it simmer for much longer before it was thick and saucey. I was afraid the chicken would use tasteless burnt but that was unnecessary worry as the chicken came out beauitfully tender and the sauce was less ginger, more honey. I might add more ginger next time. The polenta had the consistency of mashed potatoes with a tinge of texture making it warm and comforting. The sauteed chard was a masterpiece on its own with the garlic and pepper providing the spicey punch and the currants provided a tangy chewy zest that merged very well with the polenta. It was a beautiful meal.


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