Fine & Raw Chocolate

I recently visited the lab of chocolate producers Fine & Raw. Their scrumptious chocolate has no sugar or dairy. They are organic and sustainable. They are mind-bogglingly scrumptious. I wrote about my delicious experience on Greenpointers. A sample below:


It would be a challenging task to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate. It’s a universal symbol for all things sweet, luscious, romantic, sexy, and comforting. Chocolate manifests in a limitless array of variety; found in brownies, ice cream, milk, cookies, tarts, pies, covering raisins, pretzels, malts, ants, frog legs, you name it and it’s been chocolatified. Chocolate brings children, lovers, family, and strangers together. It’s a gift of love and an act of surrender. It builds community, activates kinky thoughts, suppresses depression, and makes you swoon with uncontrollable euphoria. Some underestimate and even resist the power of chocolate and its ability to enrapture and hypnotize. Others cannot deny and submit to its creamy and seductive calls with unhindered obedience.

Read more HERE.


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