Homunculus: A Brooklyn EatEZ


A fews weeks ago I attended a supper club dinner hosted by my barista at Cafe Grumpy. It took place in a ground floor loft in Bushwick, in a space lit with candles and rustic romanticism. There was a table gathered with strangers (strangers to me at least, everyone else seemed to know each other) and the 3 hosts calmly scrambled around the kitchen preparing a 7 course meal for us hungry folk. I was hesitant only because it was slight pricey ($40 per person) and was skeptical the meal would make up for that empty space in my wallet. Luckily, I was proven wrong and was continually knocked off my feet with each dish plopped in front of me and my googly mouth.


First was the savory bread presented on the table. It was a mix of challah and foaccacia bread with caramelized onions and herbs. It was moist with subtle sweetness, crumbly but not falling apart in your mouth. It was a perfect start to the dinner.


Next up was a thick and sweet carrot soup, whose fennel and thyme elements sparked a complexity to the comfort food.


Most impressive I think of the meal was the charcuterie. We were instructed to start from one side and taste each house made crumbly cracker topped with in order: mushroom pate, cajuned pork, veal, pistachio pate, sherry and cassis chicken liver mousse, candied bacon (the best one!) with almon butter, and pickled radish and beet. Impressive no? Each piece varied in taste and texture, some creamy and indulgent, others smooth and delicate, and bursting with sour crunch.


We were still ranting raving about the charcuterie when out came the souffle. I’ve only had korean style souffle which was bland but comforting, and loved the resulting comfort of this asparagus, chvre & thyme souffle.


O and what’s this? a slice of cucumber?? Ah, a palate cleanser with peach/chive purree trickled on top to prepare you for the main course. How trickster.


I was half full by the time this main course rolld along, a beautiful filet mignon with celery and lemon grass purree. These medallions were so moist and juicy, slightly chewy and roll back your eyes in ecstasy good.


Our palate needed to be cleansed again, this time with the best salad I’ve ever tasted. This endive salad with fennael shavings, walnuts, temme de pomme goat cheese and “loft” dressing lifted my aversion towards salads, and I learned salad can in fact be creative and delicious.


Then of course, my favorite part of the meal, dessert. I was beyond full at this point and dazed with food coma but was ecstatic to see a slice of chocolate torte with ganache, candied hazelnuts and earl grey ice cream enticing me with its sexy sly demeanor. It had a brownie consistency that was less thick and more moist, the ganache pure chocolate in all its fantastic gooeyness. The ice cream was a great compliment, house made bitter tea that only emphasized the sweet indulgence the chocolate induced.


It was a fabulous dinner and can’t wait to eat more. You can contact Homunculus for future dates here: homunculuseatez@gmail.com


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