Feast: April 4th

2 weeks ago I attended the second FEAST. I wrote about the first one here. The second dinner brought nearly 300 guests and I baked mounds of coconut macaroons. A couple thousand dollars were raised, $1000 of which went to the winning artist group K.I.D.S. (Kindness and Imagination Development Society) who will be planting secret gardens around the neighborhood and present the outcome at the next dinner. A photo review:


First, the food. Fresh tagliatelle pasta with mushroom bologne. It was hearty, chewy, and filling. The meals were prepared by the couple over at one&supp.


Mixed veggies


Desserts are donated by random volunteers. Someone brought mini lemon muffins,


sweet tooth of the tiger made brownies,


I baked coconut macaroons,


whoopie pies looked a bit too intimidating for me,


same goes for the bread pudding, although it looks beautiful.


Masked figures pranced around the cafeteria at one point in a ritualistic dance awakening spring.

And sang a song.


This is about half the crowd. The line looped around the perimeter of the room at one point.


Loads of monies were made,


and piles of ballots were counted.


Winner receives a bag of cash.


Jeff the organizer with first FEAST winner Dan Funderburgh. Nice nails.

Next FEAST is May 9th. I might be too feasted out to attend this next one, I think I’ve volunteered enough hours and baked goods to last awhile. But you should attend with me and enjoy the food and entertainment and show your support.


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