Roos Arts opening this Saturday

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting a friend in Rosendale upstate. I rolled around the grass imitating my pup and reveled in sweet reverie starring at trees and eating good food for 2 1/2 days. My writing experience was far less hectic and sporadic sitting outside in open air. There was nothing to distract me, only natural sweet vibes. There were ripples of pure relaxation and unfettered concentration. It was amazing.

But it wasn’t all fun and play. My friend is opening an art space in town called Roos Arts and its inaugural exhibition is this Saturday. The show is titled Meet & Cake and gathers friends working in various mediums and contexts. An excerpt from the release with images:

“This exhibition brings together parallel and unexpected ideas and practices.


In a painting by Meghan Petras, jagged red circles are melded together, suggesting an isolated and eroded chunk of stone.


Mark Gibson combines the dark bleakness of a cave with an oncoming stream of bright hues,


while Hannah Whitaker’s photograph of a spider web glitters with dewdrops, deceiving any assuming viewer of its faux creation.


While Giselle Potter’s portraits are nostalgic and silent, as if yearning for a by-gone era,


Karen Heagle’s figures are unabashed and seductive, frolicking voluptuous bodies that challenge our gaze.


Janaina Tschape’s balloons maneuver between rocks and mountains, moving with a conscious velocity that blends naturally into their environment.


Tamara Zahaykevich combines scraps and discarded materials to create sculptures bursting with playful colors while maintaining poetic abstraction. The works in “Meet & Cake” present personal expressions that give some clue to each of the artist’s identities and set up possibilities for alternate interpretations in this new context.”

Rosendale is abit over an hour to get from Grand Central, it’s a cozy cute town with bakeries and the stream and an abandoned railroad bridge. It’s all the quaint and quirk you can ask for, all wrapped in a mini vacation that I’m sure you need just as much as I did. The show runs thru May 30th. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.



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2 responses to “Roos Arts opening this Saturday

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  2. hk

    Hey Joann,

    We really missed you at the opening. Great turn out! By the way, Gapa is a FANTASTIC ping pong player… it was fun… Thanks for all your help.


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