Week In Photos

During my brief and much needed mini vacation to Rosendale I saw:

img_14931A cat on dog match,

img_15081A horse on horse match,

img_15101and a dog on air match.

img_15171A mini valley stream,

img_15181a miniature underwater forest,

img_15231rocks adorning funky patterns,

img_15271an inverted fountain,


reveals a winking ghastly contorted face.


An abandoned railroad bridge above,


and glistening waves below.


A cloud ceiling that’s been ripple by waves on a greenpoint roof,


A loft party,


a foreboding sign,


and singing daffodils.


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3 responses to “Week In Photos

  1. this post could literally be a brilliant children’s book. i love it.

  2. Joann

    hahaha it would need some serious grammatical editing.

  3. Good post and a fantastic read. You have raised some valid points. Great work, keep it up

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