Reader: April 22, 2009

– “Even that state that we think of as the finest expression of the human spirit – love – can be tormented as well as powerfully exultant. So one has to be wary of assuming that just because emotion has been drained away, the machine is now lifeless.” R.I.P. J.G. Ballard. (via art fag city)

– Rose Art Museum stays open. (via art fag city)


– Ashes the hairless chimp. Creepy. (via awl)

Obsolescence as cultural production. (via art 21)

– Holland Cotter wins Pulitzer for criticism. Can’t say I’m not disappointed. (via NYT)


– Art bum comix by Lawrence Swan. (via Hrag Vartanian)

– Why must art magazines be so glamour obsessed? (via artsjournal)

– “Connectivity is Poverty” (via bad at sports)

Warning signs. (via eyeteeth)


Bodies of Pyongyang. (via Gothamist)

Stephen Cavanagh was behind the New Museum banner stunt. (via gothamist)


Eva-fiore Kovacovsky. (via i heart photograph)

– How I see men. (via  icy & miserable)

– “I think my basic job as a critic is to get people out of the house, to get them interested, energized, inspired, or riled enough to just go see what I’m talking about…Criticism should be a pleasure to read and, at least some of the time, to write. I want my style to be conversational, to be an everyday voice, only funnier, more compressed and more provocative…if taste is made it is made almost always by artists, because no matter how things change, they’re still suggesting to dealers whom to show…I think sincerity and integrity are the primary value in art, and these result from making something as good as you can make it so that it reflects your ideas, interests, and your passions as clearly as possible…When you’re writing you have to suspend your awareness of the ramifications of what you’re writing. When you’re done, it starts to sink in. What I said a while ago about the audience is true, but you also have to write for yourself; you really have to dig in and get what it is you’re feeling about the work. Also, criticism isn’t a simple process of thumbs-up, thumbs-down. You write about what works and what doesn’t work. It is usually a matter of degrees…don’t think criticism is an academic discipline; it comes out of yourself. Some people can absorb all kinds of stuff and make it their own. Others are hobbled by it. Either way you have to find your own voice and you have to work mainly from your own reactions. I guess there’s academic criticism with footnotes and all, but that seems written in a private language for a specialized audience. It’s not useful to most people.” Irving Sandler interviews Roberta Smith in Brooklyn Rail. RIGHT ON.(via two coats of paint)

Chloe reviews Broadcast show at Pratt Manhattan Gallery. (via Rhizome)

Daily Candy takes a look at Fine & Raw’s chocolate factory. I recently wrote about them here. (via F&R)


– Niall McClelland and Lukas Geronimas collage. (via fffound)


– Ultimate asian hotties list. They all look the same. (via worlds best ever)

– Casual craigslist penis photographer. (via funny or die)


– Hipster Grifter’s boobs. Too gross to post here. (via world’s best ever)

Hipster Run Off on grifter. This one’s even funnier. (via hro)

– Leo Fitzpatrick’s book Fuck Friends featers Koh, Bradley, Ackermann, Lowman, Neckface. (via Glob)

– Periodic table of knitting. (via craft zine)


– Google map typography. (via psfk)

– Cool Gucci commercial. (via psfk)


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  1. I do secretly love my husband…It’s just I tend to be on the computer when I hate him, hence the mean take on men…If we were out together for a walk, I guess I wouldn’t be venting…Do you think this is why all media has an essentially negative take? Because if we weren’t sitting at a desk typing, we could actually be doing joyful things, so we transfer this seething anger into reports of accidents, lawsuits & disease?

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