NbPac Jury Panel Announcement and Blog Launch


I’ve joined the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition and am helping organize the India Street Mural Project. One big duty is launching the blog which honestly didn’t take long but can be a bit stressful paying great attention to details and managing the time between NbPac organizing and all the other list of shits I have to do. But, I am VERY proud to present:

the NbPac blog, featuring events, notes, announcements, and all the juicy info you’ll need to know about the organization and upcoming project. I used the same theme as this blog since its easy and familiar and will be editing post traffic.

A few useful tid bits you should be aware of:

The Jury Panel meets on Wednesday and includes Marisa of Like the Spice (more on her later) and will choose 5 artists to commission a chunk of the mural and receive a $700 stipend each. I’m planning to meeting with each individual artist and profiling them and their work and hopefully publish it in a local paper soon.

The next general meeting will be held May 11th at 303 Grand to discuss suggestions and ideas for future projects whether they be murals or park events, performances, etc. If you’ve got an idea or project to propose, you should definitely attend.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the blog!


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