Illegality and the Dream Act

I’ve talked about my immigration story before and how important it is to get the Dream Act passed. In the weekend NYT there is a story continuing a series of articles on immigrations covering a family whose parents are both illegal, and whose oldest daughter graduated from college with no where to go due to her illegal status. Their younger son was born here and is automatically a citizen and a bit unappreciative of the gift of legality. I read the article again this morning and nearly balled in the kitchen sympathizing with this girl (who must be near my age) and her frustrations, the inability to progress and find a salaried job with benefits and insurance, to be granted scholarships and loans to go to any other schools than CUNYs, to not have to be pressured to get married for citizenship, to be able to travel and drive without fear of being caught and deported. And we are educated folk. My skin color is the only difference between me and the all american white girl. I have no accent, I am educated and am getting by doing whatever it is I want, thank you very much. I have a tax ID number which is granted for those without social security numbers that allows them to work only as freelancers and pay taxes. So, I pay taxes, hundreds of dollars worth, but receive NO BENEFITS. NOTHING comes out of that tax money I give to the government.

Sigh. What a tearful moment to start a day.

I’m getting all surged up again about the importance and necessity to get the Dream Act passed. With the economy flunking and the global market disintegrating before our eyes I highly doubt immigration will be an issue for quite some time. Which does make me anxious and forces me to consider getting married and falling “in love” ASAP. Any contenders?

You can read more stories and the status of the Dream Act and the possibilty of it being passed at and the DA portal.

I’m hoping soon to gather some people or join those already gathered raising awareness of this Act around the city and Brooklyn and perhaps sign petitions and what not. Maybe have a bake sale and bbq and concert to benefit Dream Act. Sigh.



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3 responses to “Illegality and the Dream Act

  1. Undocumented Student

    Hey, don’t despair 🙂

    Email me when you get time and we can talk about how you can get more involved

  2. Hey Undocumented Student who commented before me is legit!!! go to the website and you will see how hard everyone is working to make people understand the importance of this bill! We are with you!!!

    The website is

  3. candice747

    i hope the dream act passes. I am also praying and i believe in the power of prayer. Everyone pray!

    Also, i wanted to comment that marriage does not help anyone get to be a citizen.

    You can read a story here:

    You can do something about that here:

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