Reader: April 28th, 2009

– Bohemian Rhapsody old school computer remix. (via a million keys)

– An asshole of a criminal is chased by police, running over and killing a woman on Manhattan Ave. Shudder.

– William Powhida in NY Mag. (via WP)


Awkward boners. (via art fag city)

– Photo Op freaks the shit out of people. (via Suzy)

Swine flu inflects some in my hometown Queens. (via NYT)


Look at this fucking hipster. (via art fag city)

– There’s no shortage of craft and flea markets in Brooklyn. Too bad there’s a shortage in my wallet. (via Brooklyn Based)

Brezsny tells me to shut up till early May. (via Free Will Astrology)

– 175 art people, places, things to follow on twitter. (via art fag city)

– John Waters gives tour of his Boesky show. His eyes, and that stash… and Tina Turner… (via art fag city)

I’m starting a blog. very Olivia like. (via art fag city)

Jerry Saltz‘ favorite emerging artists as told via facebook. (via art fag city)

– Interview with W.A.G.E. (via art 21)

– On newMedia. (via art 21)

– Interview with InCubate. (via art 21)

picture-1Texts from last night. (via art fag city)

– In Koons’ studio. Or sweat shop. (via art observed)

– Also Marcel Dzama, Marina Abramovic, and Lawrence Weiner.

Bruce Nauman and his upcoming show at Phili. (via art observed)

Damien Hirst paints the Hours’ cover album. (via art observed)

– How recession has affected Museums. (via art observed)


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