Greenpoint Artist Profile: Emily Noelle Lambert


Another post on a Greenpoint artist over at Greenpointers. Here’s the first paragraph:

For the second edition of Greenpoint Artist Profile we are proud to present Emily Noelle Lambert. I met with the artist over Easter weekend at her studio on Manhattan Ave where hoards of people were gathered in front of the meat market to prepare for holiday feasting. I was escorted into a building that looked part residential part industrial, up a couple flights where a number of artists divided and shared the space for art making. Upon entry I was struck immediately by the haphazardous and chaotic paintings lined along the wall. I was confronted by jagged tangled sharp lines, vibrant contrasting colors, elusive dreamy/nightmarish figures, and a strict ritual of organizing chaos. I was admittedly disturbed by the jarring pictures presented in front of me and it wasn’t till the end of our visit that I was able to sit comfortably with them, cohabitating in an emotively indeterminable space.

Read the rest HERE. And if you know any artists working in Greenpoint, pray do tell.


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    Morteza Zahedi

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