Reader: May 11, 2009

Bee on cocaine. (via Olivia)

– Hipster Grifter speaks. (via Gawker)

David Zwirner Q&A. (via art observed)


Subway advisory. (via c-monster)

– Jerry Saltz on Abel Abdessemed’s animal fight video. AFC comments as well. I had to cover my eyes and peek through my fingers. (via art observed)

Do I need an umbrella? (via afc)

– Paddy Johnson on Hernan Bas. I actually really  enjoyed the show and thought it stronger then the homo boys. More on that later. (via afc)


– What keeps you awake? I like #114. (via gothamist)

– AFC’s response to Saltz’s 33 emerging artists. Part one, two, three. Jerry’s list here. AFC’s list include artists that are mostly gallery respresented. Maybe I can make a list of those who aren’t showing. (via afc)

– My new favorite art critic on Younger than Jesus. (via artcal)


– The Laundry Room (Death of Marat) by Richard Jackson. (via vvork)

– Hrag on Jerry Saltz lecture. (via Hrag Vartanian)

– Arturo Herrera on music. (via art 21)


Paper mag invites 15 visual communicators to redefine America. (via wooster collective)

– Tracy Candido on sustainable art practice. (via art 21)

– Yoga, mindfulness, and Adrian Piper. (via art 21)


– Wordboners. (via fffound)

– Hrag interviews EnjoyBanking. (via art21)

– Robert Long interview. (via TONY)


– (via fffound)

– Saltz on Picture Generation. (via NY Mag)

– The sounds of swine flu. Hysterical! (via c-monster)


– (via ffound)

– Nicole Caruth on Coke Wisdom O’Neal. (via contemporary confections)

– James Kalm covers Dalton and Powhida. (via edward winkleman)

– The unreliable tour guide. (via Eyeteeth)


– Protect your cameltoe. (via world’s best ever)

– Thank you Dr. Zizmor! (via gothamist)

– Hipsterhood reality show? (via gothamist)

– Barry and James started a food blog. (via james wagner)

– Tom Moody’s dream. (via tom moody)

– Hot girls with freckles. (via world’s best ever)

– Pole dancing championships. (via world’s best ever)

– The Banksy conspiracy. (via myartspace)

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