Crest Hardware Art Show


I used to walk into Crest Hardware when I was living on Metropolitan Ave next to that grody White Castle and I never gave it a second thought that it could be an art space. I’ve never actually witnessed these art shows but I’m determined not to miss it again. Crest Hardware Art Show is accepting artist submissions until May 18th for works incorporating hardware in any shape or form. If you’ve got an idea of turning that tool into some morphed phallic symbol with googly eyes and all, then I suggest you apply asap. This year Joe (son, manager, curator) extended the show this year by organizing a day of events and possibly permanent installations and murals on Macri Park located at Union and Metropolitan. He’s collaborating with Artists & Fleas to have artist and designer vendors on site that day as well as bands and good cheers. Opening day is June 13th and the show should continue till the end of July. I’m looking forward to it, are you?

Find all info for events and applications here.


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