Reader: May 14, 2009


Soft pretzels. (via kitchn)

– Why hide a miscarriage? (via daily kos)

– A tour of Franklin Ave and Manhattan Ave. (via Brooklyn 11211)


– I want a chalkboard fridge food journal too. (the kitchn)

– Newly planted trees get in the way for kickballers at McCarren. (via Brooklyn paper)

– De-Fence project in Dumbo torn down. Why didn’t they just get permission? (via Brooklyn paper)


Awkward family photos. (via cup of jo)

– Brooklyn Bowl sneak peek. (via Brooklyn Based)

– Potato chips are NOT local food. (via NYT)


Knitta Please hits Brooklyn Heights. (via gothamist)

– Michael Pollan on Colbert Report and Leonard Lopate. (via Village Voice and WNYC)

– To covet: vintage cake carriers. (via the kitchn)


Bald currency. (via notcot)

– I’m sorry I missed the cupcake bake off hosted by Brooklyn Kitchen on Monday. (via brooklyn kitchen)

– Essential baking tools. (via simmer til done)

– In the home of Blonde Redhead. (via cup of jo)


– Biodegradable colorful trash bags. (via psfk)

– What are YOU optimistic about? (vis swiss miss)

– There are 214 swine flu cases in NY. Freaked. (via gothamist)


– Swine Flu in fashion. (via fffound)

– Hipster Run Off on the new John Krasinski movie. I still want to watch it. (via HRO)

– Inside America’s refridgerators. (via psfk)

ffd99db718c2bd6ae5172fc94eef98883eb6acc0_m– (via ffound)

– Make and build scrabble in your backyard. (via fffound)

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  1. Too funny. I watched them take that Knitta picture.

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