Last night I left Atlas Cafe and was riding down Bedford crossing Metropolitan when an airhead teenager ran a red light and hit the rear end of my bike. I remember looking to my right and seeing those headlights and I just closed my eyes tight shut and I heard glass breaking somewhere and I opened my eyes to see my dear computer laying on the floor in one piece. I just lay there for a few seconds trying to make sense of what just happened. Swarms of people gathered: “are you ok” “are you ok?” “ARE YOU OK?” I was cool and calm, silently got up and picked up my papers, my laptop, my bike, shaking and speechless and checked out a wicked scrape on my left arm. I spoke softly and reassured everyone I was just fine. A professional doctor man said he’s a professional and knows exactly what to do: call an ambulance. No I can’t afford an ambulance bill, shit runs into the thousands. No I can’t call the cops, I can’t go to the hospital, I don’t have insurance and I don’t exist in this country. Let’s avoid all legal issues as much as possible. I was getting back to myself and took down the number of the driver boy who was stricken with fear and witnesses who were totally taking control of the situation taking pictures of the driver and yelping “I’ve got your back! I’m your alibi! I’m your witness!” It was reassuring and very comforting to think people really go out of their way to help out when they can. I teared myself away from everyone, got on my bike and rode along home humming a song to calm my nerves. Then it hit me: I could’ve fucking DIED. I could’ve had a concussion, I could’ve been amputated, I could’ve been defaced. I thank my lucky stars I walked away in one piece, my computer and bike in one piece. I started getting a headache and got all paranoid that I’d fall into a coma or something so made all my friends call me throughout the night to wake me up. It was pretty hysterical how anxious I got all of a sudden and was seeking comfort from a person I TOTALLY should not have contacted. But alas, I was delusional and just wanted someone to cradle me to sleep. Blegh. But I’m ok now, my neck is stiff, my head hurts a bit and the arm stings but I’m OK. And lesson learned, I’m going to get a sexy helmet and lights for the bike. OMG if Mellow was in my basket as he usually is when commuting to work can you IMAGINE?! Shudder.


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3 responses to “Hit

  1. Anonymous

    OMG! I’m so sorry about that. That is so bad. But thank God you are at least OK. Let me know if you need anything, please! Miss you and Melo. kisses, Marta

  2. Lesley

    Take care, Joann, let me know if you need anything, or i can cook a nice meal for you^_^.

  3. two nights in a row i’ve had a night mare about this story. thank GOD you’re ok

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