My Little Garden

I decided to go all out this year and experiment with a vegetable garden. I have a tendency to kill things (I’ve picked up 5 stray just born kittens trying out the neurotic mother role and they died in one weekend, I since then have looked up what I did wrong on sites like Playrightmeow) and fear my lack of garden knowledge and experience with lead to sad wilting greens. But honestly I won’t let it stop me. Plus my dad finally came to my apartment after 2 years of living here donning a sun hat with tools in hand and uprooted my backyard and planted amazing veggies. So a peek at what’s sprouting:

Squash seedlings germinating out and overwhelming with its cuteness and potential,


Cucumbers and spinach sneaking up, up and up,


Kale is amazingly beautiful and cute in its seedling stages,


I only recently knew what this was called in English: Perilla leaves are used to wrapped Korean BBQ short ribs with bean paste and rice and other condiments and then proceed to stuff into mouth. They are rough in texture and spicy upon chewing. It’s the most radical leaf you’ll ever taste, next to kale and swiss chard.


Kitty break! This is my stray cat Granola. She’s the most affectionate cuddly drooling fuzzball ever.


Lettuce, cucumber, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, squash, assorted herbs…you name it I’ve got it. For now anyway…




Delicate, pink peonies and


Ruffled red roses,

IMG_3540 Rock the yard.


There are also a myriad flowers with names I cannot pronounce growing ever so patiently.

To be continued…


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2 responses to “My Little Garden

  1. Oh boy! That teeny weeny kale is TOO cute!

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