Lentil Salad


Currently I have a drawer full of beans and rice, from chickpeas to red lentils, brown rice to amarenth. I haven’t found too many enticing recipes and it took me a week to convince myself to use this recipe for my lentils. Waiting an hour and a half for these legumes to cook was daunting and I was much too lazy. Plus I realized how much I don’t enjoy cooking for myself. I am far more inspired and ecstatic when there is a crowd of mouths to feed besides my own. Eventually I forced myself to make this dish and perhaps it was my half assed performance or my lack of anticipation or discouragement for cooking that I didn’t enjoy this meal too much. It smelled pretty damn good but the end result was too mushy. I have an oral fixation and need a mixture of textures and consistencies in my meal. Maybe I cooked the lentils for too long, maybe there was too much broth, whatever it is I wasn’t a fan of this recipe. O and I had a bunch of kosher dogs left over from a bbq so I used that instead of kielbasa which I think only affects the meat factor in the recipe. It was also too heavy and thick for a springy summery meal and I swear it makes you farty. I’ll probably stay away from lentils for awhile.


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