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Ever since 2009 started I’ve been vibing off an energy that sprouts inspiration, encouragement, productivity, creativity, and most importantly, a sense of community. With the launch of this blog I’ve discovered a passion of food, especially fat enducing desserts and opened a chapter in my life I never thought would manifest. I also noticed an increasing interest in alternative community based art movement, especially here in Brooklyn where artists and administrators come together to make and show and participate in art production.

I’ve never known, felt or witnessed the idea of home, a place where you fit in and are welcomed, where a community of friends and family join and share a love for something or someone. Only recently, especially upon moving to Greenpoint have I experienced this awesome feeling of belonging somewhere and actively participating in the ins and outs of a community hub. This blog has inspired so many projects, from contributing to a local blog, a local paper, dinner get togethers, organizing a mural, volunteering for public art dinners, and gardening.

My go-to astrologist tells 2009 is a helluva productive year for me and I can’t deny it (Saturn returns!). Still, there’s an inkling that there’s not enough being done. There are obstacles that I don’t know how to overcome, I’m overwhelmed and behind on many writing projects and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to launch projects that I MUST make happen. There’s a friggin’ art movement going on that steps outside the institutional system of generic museum and gallery shows and embraces sustainable practices and community involvement and DIY means of distribution, merging all forms of art and food and a close-knit local mindset, using the language of food to speak for and about art. It’s comforting to know I am a part of this but more needs to happen.

I want to share a few of these movements and alternative art practices that are happening now:

FEAST: I’ve spoken about a bunch of times and it’s the perfect example of this current interest in group organizing, participating, and executing for the sake of art and community.

North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition: NbPac works with local artists, individuals, and businesses to launch public art projects and aid in beautifying the neighborhood.

Exhibition 211: A few artists are given the freedom to temporarily convert a condo into an art space till the end of summer. It’s a temporary pop up art space that seems to be sprouting EVERYWHERE. I’m trying to do the same in Greenpoint but these landlords are stubborn and wary. Ugh.

Sweet Tooth of the Tiger: A participatory project merging sweet social practice with art via bake sales.

Spctclr Vws: A real estate agent with an MFA put together a monthlong exhibition in a vacant space at One Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’m currently working on a project that is potentially very similar to this: working with real estate developers with empty spaces to put up pop up shows and generate potential viewers/buyers/artists.

Sharecropper: A public art project and micro farming installation by artist Leah Gauthier. Vegetables are planted at various locations from private residencies to public gardens with harvests going out to local soup kitchens. The project explores agriculture and community building through food. I’m hoping to convince her to use my garden. Ingenious.

Windows Brooklyn: Co-organized by the same artist Leah Gauthier and 2 others, storefront windows are transformed into public art installations in downtown brooklyn for a week turning pedestrians into art viewers. Brilliant.

One big project that I want to launch this September is Greenpoint Open Studios. I have a small roster of artists working in Greenpoint and it’s a matter of pooling them all together and setting up a date to open their studios this fall. There is a lack of an artistic platform in Greenpoint and this woul be a great means to bring artists together, network and build a community to sustain us all. Can’t wait.

If there are more alternative art projects going on that I need to know about, pray do tell. And if you’re a Greenpoint artists, shout me out.


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