Benefit Bake Sale Report

The benefit bake sale for the mural project at t.b.d. was nearly 2 weeks ago and I am finally writing the report. The turnout was super successful, we made over $500 and there were gracious friends who donated delicious goods. We got to talk about the project as people munched on free burgers and scrumptious sweets and we look forward to continuing such efforts to fund future public art projects. I wrote a report for it here.


Update: the bake sale got a mention on Greenpoint Gazette!

I mostly just want to talk about the goods I baked and share pictures and recipes with you. I spent the entire day Friday shopping and baking throughout the night and into Saturday morning just before we started at 2pm. It was a bit nervewrecking but I realized how much I love spending time in the kitchen. It’s therapeutic to not have to use my brain, follow direct instructions, and fiddle with food with my hands. It’s a kinetic and tangible experience that offers a welcome change from fingering my laptop and defusing my brain for verbal expression. I made a variety of goods from my now signature coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate to a very tarty lemon tart. Cookies went for $2 while the tarts and brownies went for $4 a pop, all suggested donation. Majority of the recipes come from Dorie Greenspan and I’m at the point where I’ve tried all the recipes I’ve wanted try. It’s time I found a new bakebook. Now to the good stuff:


These coconut macaroons have become my signature go to treat that can be made cheaply in masses without compromising time or taste. They’re chewy, soft, and rife with coconut flavor. Dipped in chocolate and you’ve got a taste of heaven. Recipe here.


These white chocolate chips, cranberry and orange cookies are super sweet. The dried cranberries are huge and juicy which is key to make this the most moist and chewy cookie you’ll ever taste. The orange zest gives it a subtle punch you’ll never forget. Recipe here.


The sable shortbread cookies weren’t so popular during the sale, I’m going to guess becuase they look plainer than not. It’s the most crumbly buttery delicate cookies I’ve ever tasted and is definitely on my top 5 list. Maybe also because they had green sprinkles it turned people off. Recipe here.


Honestly, Madeleins aren’t my favorite, they’re a bit flavorless and too thick. Also a reason I don’t like cupcakes and muffins. But theses are generally airier and a bit more toasted and buttery. Not my fave but certainly a keeper. Recipe here.


This chocolate-crunched caramel tart uses Trader Joe’s honey roasted peanuts and let me tell you. This is friggin’ divine. It’s indulgent and sticky, rich and crunchy, crumbly and thick. The chocolate tried to melt in the sun and might have a been a bit too heavy for a hot day outdoors. Recipe here.


I never knew what mascarpone was until I saw this recipe for chocolate mascarpone brownies. It’s a bit airy and foamy, lacking a little on the thick and moist gooeyness factor. The ganache was too sweet in an odd way and served more like a chocolate cupcake than bronwies. I don’t know that I’ll use this recipe again but people have concurred it was still damn good. Recipe here.


I’ve always been turned off by fruit tart because that’s a name you used to make fun of people growing up. If only I could change and re-christen the image of this beautious glory and simplicity, I’d have it baptised in my mouth. It’s a super simple recipe and I have so much fun decorating the top with a bowl full of berries. Recipe here.


An my favorite sweets are the lemon tarts, which uses entire lemons into the mix. It’s super soft, super tangy making your face squirt. Recipe here.


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  1. Glad you liked the recipe and that your bake sale was a huge success!

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