Pollinator Week June 22 – 28


Sometime last year people were freaking out about the disappearing bees in NY. I never gave it a second thought not realizing their vital role in sustaining a healthy and thriving urban environment. Without their contribution to gardens, farms and parks we would be short of helpless. That is why I will be pairing with Nicole of Sweet Contemporary to celebrate Pollinator Week, a week long honey infused event organized by the good fellows at Just Food.

I will be attending the kick off beekeepers ball at the new Water Taxi Beach at South Street Seaport. There will be food drizzled in honey and bee costumes. I actually don’t have a date so if you’d like to join me buy a costume and lets buzz on over!

Also all week long various chefs & mixologists will create special honey incorporated dishes & drinks. A list of restaurants where you can expect to find me can be found here.

Then Friday the 26th is Honey Fest, a day long festival at Union Square Farmers Market where you can taste sweet local honey, meet beekeepers and learn about NYC beekeeping efforts and organizations.

There’s plenty of honey to go around next week, so make sure to support Just Food and their efforts in cultivating a sweet and sustainable NY and join in the fun! If you’d like to join me in any of the tastings shoot me an email.

You can also take action by rallying in City Hall to send the council a message to legalize beekeeping and get your friends to sign the petition.


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