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Open Studios and Food Market

I will be spending the next month grueling over the computer organizing two projects I’ve dreamed of putting together the last few months. Both takes places in Greenpoint, a neighborhood I am becoming more and more embedded in.

First is

Greenpoint Open Studios to happen Sept 18-20 in collaboration of Gnpt artists, galleries, local businesses and everyone else in between.

Second is

Greenpoint Food Market to launch Sept 12 in collaboration with local artisnal food makers selling their goods inside a church every Saturday alongside live music and art installed.

Spread the word.

O, and I’ve been hired to write for Greenpoint Gazette. Look out for articles on bees and ice cream.


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I Believe You, Liar


My friend Lucas is launching a photo art book titled “I Believe You, Liar” in LA this weekend. The book is self-published and curated in such a way to completely trip you out. Above image is an example. I’ll hopefully get to write more about Lucas’ work in the future. Till then, here’s a description and if you’re out in LA check out the party at Eighth Veil.


Dear Ms. Patty Pacifica or Current Resident,

I like to think of cooing. it is among the warmer thoughts. especially nice in French which seems a warmer language except when it’s not. Isn’t it funny how cold warm things used badly become. I would accept your TV if you had it, but seem truly and earnestly (to my own embarrassment) more interested in truth than fact and all that uninterrupted information would bring us back to the palimpsest (a screen) and a possible becoming tedious because the volume controls of strangers – even friends and lovers – are always different from the ones internal. It’s probably better if I listen to your speakers instead of getting greedy for headphones, or serialized programming.

As to. . . all of this is more lonely than sad but I am starting to relish this energy of impossible languages and unbridgeable gaps. The failures are all we have and I am no nihilist! I BELIEVE YOU, LIAR!! Light, sad? ‘luc’ is particle and wave both at the same time. I am torn. can you explain?

Thank you kindly,

Lucas Blalock

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Free Bootcamp for Art

My dear friend Nicole teaches boot camp at Prospect Park a few days a week and Bootcamp Republic is starting an artist program where you get a free 3 week course in exchange for art influenced by or related to the experience. Here are more details:

Artists get a full 3-week cycle (or 6 sessions) free of charge in exchange for a work of art (any size or medium) that reflects your experience in the program or broader interpretation of fitness, exercise, sports, etc. Works will be uploaded to an online gallery and the actual piece will become part of the Bootcamp Republic Collection. The company has thousands of clients and is growing rapidly–that means great exposure for artists that participate.

If I were an artist I’d jump on this opportunity, especially as I’ve got about 10 pounds of fat that needs losing and a body craving to be fit and healthy. But alas I am artistically disabled. Maybe this is for you.


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Food Party

Picture 1

So I was reading this article on artcat one day and discovered this woman named Thu Tran. She’s in my neighborhood and has successfully ingeniously merged art and food. She has a crazy show recently picked up by IFC called Food Party and it’s a trippy surrealistic encounter between food puppets and Thu herself. I am officially in love with her and her show and the fact that she’s close by brings all sorts of fantasies in my head in potential collaborations. I would love more than anything to be part of the show dressed up as a jar of nutella. What could be more fitting?

The Food Party website is in blog format and she and other contributors write about their encounters with food in the surrounding area. It’s chill, it’s down to earth, it’s totally me. She also has her own website displaying her artwork which includes puppets, installations, drawings, and prints all incorporating ideas of food in one way or another. I’m in love.


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Tadashi Moriyama

Today’s special at Beautiful/Decay: Tadashi Moriyama


I found Tadashi Moriyama’s work during Bushwick Open Studios this past June and fell in love with the intricacy and obsessive mark making process that is evident in each ink and gouache work. Each painting is rife with apocalyptic imagery rendered in countless repetitions of a few motifs including waffle-like gridded squares forming architectural structures and tubular wobbly connectors slithering in and out of buildings and bodily orifices.

Read the rest here.

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Plates and Records

Picture 3

Friends and I have started a supperclub called Plates and Records. It got an article on Metro this morning. Radical.

Our first dinner was Indian, made in my house, served in my backyard. It was glorious.

Join us on Facebook. Email us at platesandrecords@gmail for upcoming dates, to be added to mailing list, and if you’d like to host a supperclub dinner.

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– A reflection on the newly opened Transmitter Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


– Today’s special at Beautiful Decay: India Street Mural Project artist Chris Soria.

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