The High Line and Snack Taverna


I’ve been skeptical of the hype and anticipation surrounding the High Line, expecting hoards of tourists and Chelsea snobs to dominate the renovated elevated train line. Everyone has been chattering on and on about how it’s exceeded their expectations in design and ambiance, especially the amphitheater room with rows of wooden pews facing north on 10th ave.


I finally got to walk along the line last week and was transplanted into a place where contemporary design and nature mingled in peaceful unison. The crowd indeed were tourists and snobs but I was unphased as I stuffed my face into every plant and flower spread along the perimeter of the path. I was politely told more than once by security crew to not step into the garden and cuddle the plants to death. It was a lovely 15-20 minute walk and I was too engrossed by the flower to take pictures of anything else.


Here’s a perfect example the designers maintaining a unruly yet deliberate balance between nature (especially the decrepit untainted kind that ruled the area before recent human intervention) and the man made. I had to be reminded that I wasn’t in some luxurious tropical forest (well I wouldn’t go that far, but, you know what I mean) but rather an urban haven for the stressed and worn to enter and sniff the flowers, gaze at the sunset, lounge on a rolling movable chair (love that) and escape for the briefest moment.


The most curious was that amphitheater looking out onto the avenue allowing you to watch, cars…I suppose it’s all about having that peaceful moment where you’re not in it, but rather above it, disconnected and unconcerned, unaffected and unscathed. Makes sense.


We got a bit silly with it and rammed ourselves to the window and made a few laugh. We left the High Line and walked over to Snack Taverna for one of the best meals I’ve ever ever had.

Located in the west village, this authentic Greek restaurant got the environment, menu, and service on lock down. The four of us sat by the window cozied up around the cushioned seating and waited to be salivated by the waiter’s specials announcement. I was a bit worried I was spending a bit too much money but by the end of this post you’ll be as convinced that this is one of the best places to eat in the city.


I’ve been in a fishy mood lately and decided to go with the pan seared striped bass dish which had the crispiest skin covering a meaty and salty meat surrounded by asparagus, oyster mushrooms, panchetta cubes, chives, pearl onions slathered in a garlic, fish and white wine sauce. The variety in texture and consistency between each bite was enough to make me moan in pleasure the entire evening. It was herby, invigoratingly flavorful, crunchy, and soft. It’s everything you could ask for in a wholesome meal. Also the eggplant dip is incredible in its smooth and spicy galore.


For dessert we tried the manouri cheese tart with berries and chocolate cake wrapped in filo. Honestly they weren’t as stellar as the main courses, I’m not very fond of anything fried but doesn’t mean I didn’t devour it.


We must have all been hysterical from the walk and the meal because we were especially giggly and must have gotten some glances from the staff and guests. We started doodling thumbs up signs in my notebook and said things like “I will have the manure tart in booty size please”. Yea. Good times.


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