Food Party

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So I was reading this article on artcat one day and discovered this woman named Thu Tran. She’s in my neighborhood and has successfully ingeniously merged art and food. She has a crazy show recently picked up by IFC called Food Party and it’s a trippy surrealistic encounter between food puppets and Thu herself. I am officially in love with her and her show and the fact that she’s close by brings all sorts of fantasies in my head in potential collaborations. I would love more than anything to be part of the show dressed up as a jar of nutella. What could be more fitting?

The Food Party website is in blog format and she and other contributors write about their encounters with food in the surrounding area. It’s chill, it’s down to earth, it’s totally me. She also has her own website displaying her artwork which includes puppets, installations, drawings, and prints all incorporating ideas of food in one way or another. I’m in love.



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2 responses to “Food Party

  1. Excellent! Good post. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Here’s a great resource for more party tips:

    Enjoy! Cheers.

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