Free Bootcamp for Art

My dear friend Nicole teaches boot camp at Prospect Park a few days a week and Bootcamp Republic is starting an artist program where you get a free 3 week course in exchange for art influenced by or related to the experience. Here are more details:

Artists get a full 3-week cycle (or 6 sessions) free of charge in exchange for a work of art (any size or medium) that reflects your experience in the program or broader interpretation of fitness, exercise, sports, etc. Works will be uploaded to an online gallery and the actual piece will become part of the Bootcamp Republic Collection. The company has thousands of clients and is growing rapidly–that means great exposure for artists that participate.

If I were an artist I’d jump on this opportunity, especially as I’ve got about 10 pounds of fat that needs losing and a body craving to be fit and healthy. But alas I am artistically disabled. Maybe this is for you.



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