Bees and Ice Cream

I almost forgot to post my articles from Greenpoint Gazette!


First, I wrote about illegal urban beekeeping. The intro:

It’s unnerving to spot a bee buzzing within a few inches of your body. The instinctual fight or flight reaction will cause you to hopelessly shoo it away (with detrimental results) or stand as still as a statue with nerves and brain frozen until the critter decides to roam elsewhere with careless determination. Most of us cannot tell the difference between a bumblebee and a yellow jacket but it is helpful to know the honeybee is the most docile and domesticated species and their role as pollinators is vital to the continual health of all urban environments.

Read the rest here.


Next I ramble on and on about the beauteous, the one and only, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream. Intro:

You spot the heavenly pastel yellow ice cream truck blocks away and swiftly hustle through the crowd to wait in line with composed urgency. It’s been a stressful day and you’re feeling quite indulgent and request a scoop of Giandujia, which blends Michel Cluizel chocolate with Piedmont Hazelnuts, topped with homemade fudge and whipped cream. There’s a rich and creamy tornado fervently whistling in your mouth and you conclude it’s no wonder Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream has been in everyone’s summer fantasies lately.

Read the rest here.


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