Church and Mussels


Last week for Gazette I wrote profiled Rev. Griffin Thomas and the Lutheran Church of Messiah. Intro:

Along a tree lined street facing McGolrick park stands a church, nestled between three-story family homes. Its gray brick structure is unassuming and easy to miss, its red doors adorned by overgrown shrubs. The Lutheran Church of Messiah provides the type of services you’d expect from a neighborhood church, with weekly worship and bible study attended by generations of devoted families who contribute to the well-being and maintenance of the space. But the word of God and Holy Communion is not the only saving grace the church provides to the masses: It has recently become a hothouse of creative cultivation and sustainable cultural practices, further engaging with the community by sharing its space with a myriad of denominations.

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I also reviewed the seafood restaurant Sel de Mer on Graham in Wburg. Warning: Chef/owner Jeff Slagg is finger-slurping handsome.

Over the last year I’ve significantly cut down my meat intake and have been trying to incorporating more fish into my weekly repertoire , but growing up with a beef-centric diet means there is little tolerance for splintery fish bones and slimy skin. On a recent trip to Sel de Mer in Williamsburg all hesitance was appeased as my taste buds gawked in awe of the various piscatorial flavors and textures offered on the menu.
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  1. This post is very true. I enjoyed reading it. Great post!

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