A Few Upcoming Shows


– My friend and Greenpoint artist Meghan Petras will be showing a series of new paintings at Chrystoph Marten salon in Chelsea. I wrote the press release for the show which will open Sept 10th from 6-9pm. Check the invite here. Her new oils on treated paper deviate from her signature details and rich paintings of nature and objects that leave behind traces of human influence. I first saw her work at my friend Heige’s gallery Roos Arts and fell in love with the color, the isolation, the creepy mystery embedded in each image. These new paintings are similar in their romantic and nostalgic vain that inspire a myriad of interpretations and instill a psychological impact that is too muffled for certainty.


– My friend Michael Farmer who had the show at my house 2 weeks ago, artist and owner of YES Gallery, will be a participating artist in a show called Whitney’s Biennial to open this Friday at C.R.E.A.M. Projects’ new space at 70 Greenpoint ave.

– My friend Barney Kulok will take a break from photography and embrace black and black paintings for an upcoming show at Nicole Klagsbrun. I got a sneak peek at the conceptual and process heavy works during a brief visit and I’m very excited to the finished works. I won’t say more till more word is announced.

Matt Held Invite Front

Matt Held of the infamous I’ll have my facebook portrait painted by Matt Held will be showing a series of the paintings at the Platform Project space at Denise Bibro in Chelsea, opening Sept 10th. Still waiting for my portrait Matt!

Parlour No 7 invite

– Leslie and Ciara are at it again with their curated apartment shows under the moniker Parlour , this time with Megan Burns (who was part of my apt show “Clash”, more on that later) and Alison Blickle. These ladies paint the most romantic and kick ass female figures under such skilled and precise and nimble brushstrokes.

Super/Prime takes vacant spaces and puts shows in them. There’s an opening this Friday.


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  1. The students had to draw 6 “wavey” lines from a cetner dot. From there they selected a plate of paint that I had pre poured. There were many options for them to select from…but I do recommend prepouring so it cuts down on time. Otherwise…kinderbabies can eat up your time selecting colors..plus they may select colors that mix to brown. white was one of the colors so they could do a tint of the colors.

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