Souperdouper Soup Kitchen and Spelling Bees

This week in the Gazette I wrote about:


The Souperdouper Soup Kitchen Sandwich Special cookoff took place last week, organized by Noah Berland, a veteran cook off contestant and Cathy Erway of Hapa Kitchen and Not Eating Out in NY. Here’s the begininng:

On Saturday afternoon, in the spacious garden at t.b.d. bar on Franklin Avenue, the sun cast its sweltering beams down on twelve contestants prepping their table to serve bite size sandwiches and soups, beads of sweat trickling down their face, some nervous and in anticipation, others lethargic and ready to head home to blast on the air conditioner. Visitors strolled from table to table, sampling dishes both classic and non-traditional, and voted for the tastiest. The cook-off was one of many encountered this past year, with themes ranging from hot dog and tofu to bacon and chili, but this time with a less competitive, more charitable twist: collected funds benefit the Greenpoint Reformed Church’s Soup Kitchen, who will serve the winner’s meal with the help of volunteers.

Read the rest here.


Then I went on writing about the Williamsburg Spelling Bee which takes place on alternate Mondays at Pete’s Candy Store. Here’s the beginning:

On a recent Monday evening the railroad car-shaped backroom at Pete’s Candy Store was rife with applause and laughter. Thirteen contestants signed up for Williamsburg Spelling Bee, now in its tenth season, hosted by musician Bobbyblue and comedian Jen Dziura. Surprisingly, there was little tension or competitive gloating in the room, rather rigorous clapping and explosive laughter reverberated throughout. Hipsters and geeks alike were cheery and supportive, not without help from the generously entertaining and sharp-tongued hosts.

Read the rest here.


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  1. I’ll be putting up a link shlrtoy for everyone, but we had a technical glitch that I’m trying to resolve, but the wireless in that area is scarce. I’ll post something as soon as I get it fixed. I apologize for the delay!

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