Clash at My House

Last Friday I hosted an art show and asked 3 female artists working in completely different styles and mediums to come together and flaunt their goods in my vacant apartment. I titled it “Clash” because that’s exactly what would happen were they to meet each other. But, actually installing them together, each work weaved into the next and there was an odd harmony billowing through the works. It was magical actually.


Hyla Skopitz uses photographs and video to document her encounters throughout the everyday without honing down on anything specific or particular. A series of 4×4 photographs were scattered along the wall in sporatic patches. Images of the sky, foliage, houses, interiors depict nothing special, no dramatic angles, no frills or surprises. The matter of fact-ness of the photos maintain an ease and humility that is as memorable as it is perfectly compositioned.


Hyla used the enclosed bedroom to project a video of her grandmother rambling about ghosts, trees, and boys.


Megan Burns’ female figures glow with intensity and fervor and very much remind me of sci-fi fantasy heroines. They struggle, admire, pose, they’re all in an act of doing SOMETHING. Colors are acidic and vibrant but also soft enough to bring out a delicacy out of the figures. Plus all the figures are modeled after herself and friends. I want to be next!


Emily Noelle Lambert brought in a few new drawings she worked on in a cabin trip alone upstate a few days before. I would never go anywhere NEAR the woods alone. These drawings stream seamlessly with her signature mode of work, that of recalling moments and instilling a story or narrative within an organized space that can SEEM to reek havoc. These were also collaged onto paper. I absolutely love the fragility, the paper thin use of paint and the messy and jagged execution of lines and forms. It’s so gratifyingly hectic.


The opening was a success, I cut up a bunch of fruit and handed out phallic cucumbers from my backyard. I was planning another one this week, but I don’t have the energy, PLUS my new roommates are moving stuff in this week.

This “show” sort of confirmed I’m not that bad of a curator and makes me want to do more. If I only had a space…that was all mine, and I could do WHATEVER I wanted…

Check more photos on my flickr page.



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2 responses to “Clash at My House

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  2. Your tips are great. As always one needs to blend them to how one does things.

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