Reader: August 27, 2009

– AFC says crap-on-crap isn’t necessarily crappy, per se.

– Make terrariums.

– Ten ways to feed ten people for less than 20 bucks.


– What happens when a man takes Sherman’s Untitled film stills and turns them into paintings. What happens to the death of painting, the male gaze, and the “other”? John Grande‘s works asks all these questions, and honestly it might possibly just be opportunistic hocus pocus. Or, it’s the real deal and we’ve come to an art historical hump.

– This shark actually has a penis in his mouth.


– Ryan McGinley’s new series Moonmilk where artist and friends go spelunking (cave exploring) in the nude, taking images with a vintage scratchy vibe, hippie-dom, sci-fi fantasy-esque. The color fields and monumentality of natural settings are breathtaking.

– Hipster Runoff reminds us to not text while driving. Too real.

– Paddy Johnson on Anne Pasternak, whose enthusiasm about public art is “a little exhausting.” Ouch.

no 201 123x122cm

Henrijs Preiss‘ abstract textured paintings are aglow with iconic influences. The palate is minimal, rustic, hypnotic.

Battle of Brooklyn this weekend includes reenactments of the battle when Washington kind of left his troops to die in Park Slope.

MRI sex. Like an ironic silent film.


– Playing with food by Vanessa Dualib.

– Are Facebook, Myspace and Twitter eroding attention spans? DUH.

– A white chocolate and bacon bust of Conen O’ Brien.

– How to dry fruit in your car. Useful.

Kimchi Quesadillas 1 500

Kimchi Quesadillas anyone?

– How to make a doggy poop bag pouch. Useful.

– Fall 2009 cookbook preview.


We make words.

– If I had more gardening experience I would DEFINITELY take this job.

– Many Brooklyn DIY fests coming up.

– Using positivity to change the world totally works!


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