Reader: Sept 10, 2009

– My dear Meghan Petras opens tonight at Chrystoph Marten.

– My dear Barney Kulok opens tonight at Nicole Klagsbrun.

– My dears Alison Bickle and Joshua Abram Howard opens tonight at Deitch Studios.

– My dear Matt Held opens tonight at Denise Bibro Projects.

– The Maze opens tonight at Death by Audio.

– Our Lady of Detritus performs tonight and Saturday.

– Gallery: Registered and others opens tonight at White Columns.

– Dorothea Tanning and Friends opens tonight at Kent.

– Watch No Impact, Man tonight at the Bell House.

– Dwight Ripley opens tonight at Esopus Space.


Pattie Lee Becker.

– Every 2:ND Friday kick off is tomorrow.

– Pims Palsgraaf opens tomorrow at 3rd Ward.

– Circle of Plenty opens tomorrow at Cinders Gallery.

– My dear Jane Fine opens tomorrow at Pierogi Gallery.


– Brooklyn Artillery opens Saturday. Greenpoint Open Studios will be there, having taken over 2 duplexes filled with artstuff.

– Food + Sex Magazine launches Saturday.


– Spiced Honey Cake with Caramelized Figs. Kill me now.

– New Amsterdam market launches Sunday.

– Perform Williamsburg launches Sunday.

– My dear Olympia organized 70/30 project which launches Sunday.

– There are SO MANY shows opening THIS WEEKEND.

– My dear Christopher Saunders opens Sept 16 at LaViolaBank.

– My dear Marc of Fostercare plays Sept 17 at Monkeytown.

Classic Apple Cobbler.

– I’m competing in this bake-off. I need more challengers. You ready to lose?

– I’m dying to see this new food dork complex collaboration between Tom Mylan and the folks at Brooklyn Kitchen.

– I’m sorry I missed Kate Levant’s “Blood Drive


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2 responses to “Reader: Sept 10, 2009

  1. Oly

    Awww. I love being a “dear.”

  2. Totally agree Sandy. As an immigrant in Boston of the late 90s, it irked me when the oscacional prejudiced european friend visited, and made uninformed comments about american media being simplistic and bombastic. To disprove, I just had to turn on the radio after our lazy breakfast, and get them to listen to Chris for a while. (Of course, I could also terrify them by putting on a bit of the ranting AM band).It’s great to hear this team back on the air, and with the arrival of podcasting, there’s every opportunity for the show to gain an even wider audience. Best of luck, Chris, Mary and Co.

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