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A few things

I’m completely overwhelmed by the vast array of Halloween parties going on ALL weekend. I made the firm decision to check out a hazardous loft party in Brooklyn and make my way to The Danger party tomorrow and nothing more, nothing less. I’m still completely uninspired to costume myself and decided to just put a bunch of cut up fabric on myself and call it a collage. Nothing more, nothing less.

I want to note a few things though:


Duke Riley,  (tattoo) artist extraordinaire is opening an exhibition this Sunday  from 3-6pm at Queens Museum. He’s an amazing artist that I’ve written about here and he planted an octopus on my foot with ink and I am grateful for his artistry. The exhibition will be a continual extension on the recent havoc wreaking performance “Those Who Die Salute You.” Can’t wait!


Brooklyn Artillery closes this weekend, Greenpoint Open Studios participated form the beginning with group exhibitions and collaborative installations. Come by the closing gala tonight and celebrated the momentous collaboration of organizations and artists in the creative community in the heart of Bushwick!


Greenpoint Food Market teamed up with Word Brooklyn for this radical children’s book reading to be held Nov 15th at 2pm. It’s a whimsical story that involves grilled cheese. We provided bread from Sweetie Pies Brooklyn and You Can’t Eat Bread? and called up a local farm Pampered Cow to provide cheese and Brooklyn Standard to provide milk from Hudson Valley Fresh. Come be entertained and eat grilled cheese!!




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I recently received an email from Ilana Silberman via my dear Olympia with what sounds like yet another amazing exhibition. She represents NUTRO Group, a collective of five Russian-bornn artists who created individual installations within an abandoned textile factory in Paterson, NJ. The factory has maintained its energy and vibe as a major force during the industrial era and here the artists reflect and revive that environment with beautiful and innovative installations.

The exhibition launched last weekend but continues this weekend Oct 21 – Nov 1 from 11 – 5pm.

The factory is located at 29 McBride Ave, Paterson NJ 07501

Press release is below, make sure to check it out, it is not to be missed!



Emil Silberman, Mikhail Gubin, Aleksandr Razin, Dmitry Krasny, Emil Lansky


October 24-25/ October 31-Nov 1

11AM- 5PM

Twenty plus years after leaving the Soviet Union Emil Silberman, Mikhail Gubin, Aleksandr Razin, Dmitry Krasny and Emil Lansky bring to their art a deep rooted culture along with the freedom that comes from living in America. The transition between cultures is evident in their stylistic interpretations of installations and their meanings; varying from their usual techniques and mediums.

Abandoned textile factories provide the space for these installations, encouraging the viewer to engage themselves in the energy of the buildings’ previous life and spirit. This revitalization of what other people see as decay and destruction sparked the interest of these artists who saw an opportunity to make beauty through the grouping of found objects with the environment. In this specific venue, life is seen via the plants and greenery growing inside, the wood and sot that magically combine into splendor, and the natural light that illuminates the building. The audience is invited to enter into the revived energy and spirit of the past, back to the days of old New York where artistic vigor was vibrant amidst the industrial district known today as Soho.

To the artists themselves, this project is down to its core, where you solely make art for the sake of art and expression. “We mutually inspire one another to enrich and further develop our artistic language” stated artist, Emil Silberman.

NUTRO Group was formed ten years ago by a few immigrant artists from the Soviet Union. Although working in diverse styles, they shared common views and artistic inspirations. Throughout the years they had numerous exhibits as a group and individually as well, each artist gaining prominence and recognition on their own accord. FABRIKA I in 2008 was their last exhibit as a group.

For more information, please contact Ilana Siberman at or (845) 536-6719

29 Mc Bride Ave, Paterson, NJ 07501

Presented by Great Falls Performing Arts Center of Paterson, NJ

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Fundraiser for Learning Farm in Java, Indonesia this THURSDAY


My dear Cori is organizing a fundraiser for Learning Farm, a non-profit school and farm in Java, Indoesia. Learning Farm serves the community by providing non-formal education for local youths while practicing organic farming techniques. The fundraiser will benefit Learning Farm and present talks and demonstrations from leading figures in the agricultural urban food movement. I don’t know that I’m qualified to participate from such an esteemed group (Rooftop Farm, Brooklyn Honey, Brooklyn Brine) but I’ll be there representing Greenpoint Food Market and talk nonsense. There’ll be food, music and other goodies to find. Be there!



Habana Outpost

757 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

$25 suggested donation.

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Tuesday Morning Breakfast


I’ve recently been getting into eating eggs for breakfast which wasn’t much of a habit, ever. Perhaps it has to do with what will apparently be the coldest winter since blizzard of ’06 (I remember this vividly as I walked to school every morning and had to slide down a bridge covered in ice), perhaps I’m tiring of yogurt with granola and oatmeal with raisins (I’m also convinced I’m turning lactose). It’s also the influence of watching Julia Child’s omelette video where she emphasizes: “You have to manipulate the pan in order to form the omelette”. So manipulate I did.

I’ve been using leftover vegetables to chop and insert, this particular one includes 2 eggs, 3 mini carrots chopped, 3 perilla leaves from my backyard chopped (I have a load of leaves if you’d like some), and a single slice of prosciutto. I first lay a spoonful of Skimkim’s kimchi butter which is massaged with red pepper and herbs then once the pan is hot and the butter is tickling I lay out the omelette mixture and immediately start manipulating the pan. I swish it around and jerk it forward to eventually fold half of it onto itself. Maybe a minute or two more of cooking, leaving the inside a bit undercooked since it continues to cook once the stove is off, providing a perfectly soft and moist egg base. The various textures and taste in this omelette is what’s so amazingly gratifying. Prosciutto provides the salt and chewy, the undercooked carrots provides the crunch and the extreme herbiness of the perilla is grounding. It’s topped with cheddar, making it homey and rich. Now, I took the above picture before going ahead and attacking it with sriracha (cock sauce) and ketchup. I can do without the ketchup, but can’t do without my cock sauce. The omelette is accompanied by steaming mint tea and toasted english muffins lathered in ghee and gooseberry jam from sourpuss pickles.

It’s a pretty shitty looking day but let’s hope I”m not as lazy or braindead as I have been the last few days. It was an action packed weekend with 12 hours of kneading and twisting and a day of festivities for Oktoberfest at Transmitter Park. Hopefully I’ll get to write about that and everything else I’ve been meaning to write about for the last 6 months, this week. Wish me luck.

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First Annual Bar-athlon at Second Chance Saloon

Picture 1

I recently received an email from a wonderful lady Rebecca who is organizing the first annual Bar-athlon at Second Chance Saloon. It’s a contest for regular folks where teams of up to four people will compete in ten bar challenges:

1. Domestic Beer

2. Domestic Whisky

3. Beer Pong

4. Waft (Identify liquors by smell)

5. Hot Dog eating contest

6. Beer Can stacking

7. Beer Can free throw

8. Shot Put

9. Beer Slide

Prizes will be issued for First, Second and Third Place. Drinks are inexpensive and hot dogs will be served thru the duration of the competition.

The entrance fee is a bit high ($40) but will help cover the cost of all the drinks and food you’ll be consuming in this all out fun fair. 30 teams will be admitted and you can sign up by bringing in the following to the bar:

– $40 cash

– a wicked witty team name

– team captain’s name, email and mobile

Sounds like pure spectacle. What with all the recent cook offs erupting through town it was only a matter of time before someone used drinking games as a team sport/food competition/joyous spectacle. Make sure to sign up and show off your wafting and beer pong skills. I personally kick ASS in beer pong. If you rock in any of the other competitions and would like to team up with yours truly let me know.

Any questions can be addressed to Rebecca at

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BETA Spaces Call to Artists!

beta spaces

My dear Ali is helping organize BETA Spaces, a free one day festival full of artist collaborations and exhibitions in hilter kilter spaces throughout Bushwick. BETA (Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative) Spaces encourages the use and display of unconventional exhibitions in both public and private spaces in the neighborhood.

Curators are continuously seeking artists to participate in various exhibitions. You can find a list of potential shows here and contact the reference email linked to each curator to submit your work. This is a great opportunity to not only share your creative process with the community it’s a fulfilling contribution to an ongoing support system within this deprivational market.

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To Do and Things

I’m pretty backed up sharing stories on this blog. I went gallery hopping thru Chelsea yesterday and saw some pretty sweet shows and I’m determined to write about each one. The overnight camping story at Queens County Farm must be told as well as the pickle festival, New Amsterdam market, dinner at Walter Foods, vacation at Rosendale, a lecture by rooftop farmer Annie Novak, a dinner party performance for nonsense, a Fever Ray concert, and experiments in the kitchen with Julia Child. Don’t fret, it’s coming. Soon. At some point.

Here are some things needing to be checked out:



The lovely ladies behind Sunday Night Dinner have a few spots left for Gourmet Magazine inspired dinner tonight at 6:30. It’s $35 plus a bottle of wine. Tamara and Zora are responsible for creating the recent kickass cookbook Forking Fantastic! which there was a video about and you can watch me lick my fingers as a guest. A copy will be raffled off at the food market this Saturday as well. Email to rsvp for tonight’s delicious dinner.



– My dear Sean of Horton & Liu opens tomorrow with riveting photographs by Melanie Schiff.

– It’s otherwise a quite evening, I might make dinner for one: fish fillet in white wine sauce, rainbow veggie gratin, and thin chocolate covered mint cookies. Treat myself good for once.


City_of_DreamsCity of Dreams Tour Map

– My dear Jeff of FEAST is participating in a traveling performance City of Dreams. Starting at Noon on Broadway & Spring, hop on a glitterized tour bus packed with marching bands and costumed performers for an hour or two of dreamy magic. I’ll be there reporting, taking notes, screaming with inspiration of a possible utopia billowing through the city.

Sunset Rubdown plays at Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom.

– X-initiative hosts a lecture “Don’t Blame it on New York!” with psychoanalyst Pierre-Gilles Gueguen to discuss a Lacanian perspective on the art object and art market in today’s civilization. Interesting…

– My dear Ethan of Inoculist plays at Piano’s.



GREENPOINT FOOD MARKET! There was a great turn out last week, which brought back a reverberating energy, I’m going to sneak some more postcards door to door this week and I hope and pray all of you will join me for some baked goods, soup, empanadas, savory pies, pickles, hummus, chocolate and more!


Enid’s in Greenpoint hosts  their 7th annual apple pie bake off. I have a wedding right after the market so can’t indulge in sampling what must be oodles of deliciousness.


– My dear Gabriela of Eyelevel BQE opens a solo show by Julien Gardair with spatial installations, collages, and paintings. A visual stimulator to fill you up after you’ve sampled goods at the market.


appleday_4_homepage– It’s Apples on Orchard Day!, an outdoor festival with live music and more paying tribute the lower east side’s history with the forbidden fruit.

– My dear Emily is having an epic wburg stoop sale outside her soon to be old apartment starting at 11am. Look for a vintage leather couch, table, shelves, a cat, sewing machine, and bike parts! 604 Metropolitan Ave btw Lorimer and Leonard.


The Food Obstructions cook-off series starts at The Gutter where contestants are faced with 5 obstructions including “include an ingredient that is the color purple” and winners receive a cash pot.

In other news, I’ve recently hit some tv fame. Not really. But there are 3 videos where you can hear and watch me stutter, ramble, lick my fingers, nervously stare wide eyed at the reporter, and look 10lbs heavier than I already am:

Daily Candy did a feature in one of Tamara and Zora’s dinner parties where I am a guest. Filming this was so much fun, theyleft out a few hysterical parts like when I fall asleep of Tamara’s shoulder but here’s the awesome interview nonetheless.

– Rose of Copenhagen Voice interviewed me for the Greenpoint Food Market, I honestly didn’t know what was coming out of my mouth half the time.

Brooklyn Beat did a really awesome feature on the market. It makes us look really sweet.

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