First Annual Bar-athlon at Second Chance Saloon

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I recently received an email from a wonderful lady Rebecca who is organizing the first annual Bar-athlon at Second Chance Saloon. It’s a contest for regular folks where teams of up to four people will compete in ten bar challenges:

1. Domestic Beer

2. Domestic Whisky

3. Beer Pong

4. Waft (Identify liquors by smell)

5. Hot Dog eating contest

6. Beer Can stacking

7. Beer Can free throw

8. Shot Put

9. Beer Slide

Prizes will be issued for First, Second and Third Place. Drinks are inexpensive and hot dogs will be served thru the duration of the competition.

The entrance fee is a bit high ($40) but will help cover the cost of all the drinks and food you’ll be consuming in this all out fun fair. 30 teams will be admitted and you can sign up by bringing in the following to the bar:

– $40 cash

– a wicked witty team name

– team captain’s name, email and mobile

Sounds like pure spectacle. What with all the recent cook offs erupting through town it was only a matter of time before someone used drinking games as a team sport/food competition/joyous spectacle. Make sure to sign up and show off your wafting and beer pong skills. I personally kick ASS in beer pong. If you rock in any of the other competitions and would like to team up with yours truly let me know.

Any questions can be addressed to Rebecca at

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