Tuesday Morning Breakfast


I’ve recently been getting into eating eggs for breakfast which wasn’t much of a habit, ever. Perhaps it has to do with what will apparently be the coldest winter since blizzard of ’06 (I remember this vividly as I walked to school every morning and had to slide down a bridge covered in ice), perhaps I’m tiring of yogurt with granola and oatmeal with raisins (I’m also convinced I’m turning lactose). It’s also the influence of watching Julia Child’s omelette video where she emphasizes: “You have to manipulate the pan in order to form the omelette”. So manipulate I did.

I’ve been using leftover vegetables to chop and insert, this particular one includes 2 eggs, 3 mini carrots chopped, 3 perilla leaves from my backyard chopped (I have a load of leaves if you’d like some), and a single slice of prosciutto. I first lay a spoonful of Skimkim’s kimchi butter which is massaged with red pepper and herbs then once the pan is hot and the butter is tickling I lay out the omelette mixture and immediately start manipulating the pan. I swish it around and jerk it forward to eventually fold half of it onto itself. Maybe a minute or two more of cooking, leaving the inside a bit undercooked since it continues to cook once the stove is off, providing a perfectly soft and moist egg base. The various textures and taste in this omelette is what’s so amazingly gratifying. Prosciutto provides the salt and chewy, the undercooked carrots provides the crunch and the extreme herbiness of the perilla is grounding. It’s topped with cheddar, making it homey and rich. Now, I took the above picture before going ahead and attacking it with sriracha (cock sauce) and ketchup. I can do without the ketchup, but can’t do without my cock sauce. The omelette is accompanied by steaming mint tea and toasted english muffins lathered in ghee and gooseberry jam from sourpuss pickles.

It’s a pretty shitty looking day but let’s hope I”m not as lazy or braindead as I have been the last few days. It was an action packed weekend with 12 hours of kneading and twisting and a day of festivities for Oktoberfest at Transmitter Park. Hopefully I’ll get to write about that and everything else I’ve been meaning to write about for the last 6 months, this week. Wish me luck.


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  1. Meg

    Come over for breakfast at my place next weekend! I make a mean skillet potato hash! also LOL at gratuitous use of “cock sauce”. I always have a bottle on hand too, btw.

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