I recently received an email from Ilana Silberman via my dear Olympia with what sounds like yet another amazing exhibition. She represents NUTRO Group, a collective of five Russian-bornn artists who created individual installations within an abandoned textile factory in Paterson, NJ. The factory has maintained its energy and vibe as a major force during the industrial era and here the artists reflect and revive that environment with beautiful and innovative installations.

The exhibition launched last weekend but continues this weekend Oct 21 – Nov 1 from 11 – 5pm.

The factory is located at 29 McBride Ave, Paterson NJ 07501

Press release is below, make sure to check it out, it is not to be missed!



Emil Silberman, Mikhail Gubin, Aleksandr Razin, Dmitry Krasny, Emil Lansky


October 24-25/ October 31-Nov 1

11AM- 5PM

Twenty plus years after leaving the Soviet Union Emil Silberman, Mikhail Gubin, Aleksandr Razin, Dmitry Krasny and Emil Lansky bring to their art a deep rooted culture along with the freedom that comes from living in America. The transition between cultures is evident in their stylistic interpretations of installations and their meanings; varying from their usual techniques and mediums.

Abandoned textile factories provide the space for these installations, encouraging the viewer to engage themselves in the energy of the buildings’ previous life and spirit. This revitalization of what other people see as decay and destruction sparked the interest of these artists who saw an opportunity to make beauty through the grouping of found objects with the environment. In this specific venue, life is seen via the plants and greenery growing inside, the wood and sot that magically combine into splendor, and the natural light that illuminates the building. The audience is invited to enter into the revived energy and spirit of the past, back to the days of old New York where artistic vigor was vibrant amidst the industrial district known today as Soho.

To the artists themselves, this project is down to its core, where you solely make art for the sake of art and expression. “We mutually inspire one another to enrich and further develop our artistic language” stated artist, Emil Silberman.

NUTRO Group was formed ten years ago by a few immigrant artists from the Soviet Union. Although working in diverse styles, they shared common views and artistic inspirations. Throughout the years they had numerous exhibits as a group and individually as well, each artist gaining prominence and recognition on their own accord. FABRIKA I in 2008 was their last exhibit as a group.

For more information, please contact Ilana Siberman at or (845) 536-6719

29 Mc Bride Ave, Paterson, NJ 07501

Presented by Great Falls Performing Arts Center of Paterson, NJ


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