A few things

I’m completely overwhelmed by the vast array of Halloween parties going on ALL weekend. I made the firm decision to check out a hazardous loft party in Brooklyn and make my way to The Danger party tomorrow and nothing more, nothing less. I’m still completely uninspired to costume myself and decided to just put a bunch of cut up fabric on myself and call it a collage. Nothing more, nothing less.

I want to note a few things though:


Duke Riley,  (tattoo) artist extraordinaire is opening an exhibition this Sunday  from 3-6pm at Queens Museum. He’s an amazing artist that I’ve written about here and he planted an octopus on my foot with ink and I am grateful for his artistry. The exhibition will be a continual extension on the recent havoc wreaking performance “Those Who Die Salute You.” Can’t wait!


Brooklyn Artillery closes this weekend, Greenpoint Open Studios participated form the beginning with group exhibitions and collaborative installations. Come by the closing gala tonight and celebrated the momentous collaboration of organizations and artists in the creative community in the heart of Bushwick!


Greenpoint Food Market teamed up with Word Brooklyn for this radical children’s book reading to be held Nov 15th at 2pm. It’s a whimsical story that involves grilled cheese. We provided bread from Sweetie Pies Brooklyn and You Can’t Eat Bread? and called up a local farm Pampered Cow to provide cheese and Brooklyn Standard to provide milk from Hudson Valley Fresh. Come be entertained and eat grilled cheese!!




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4 responses to “A few things

  1. yes, too many parties. Not enough time. And also, yes, Queens Museum sooooo good and so under appreciated. I think the water battle will change that a bit now though.

  2. I also like that you have a farm blog section

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  4. I think you should watch a few vodies on Youtube to help you prepare Whatever you do, don’t pet the dogs I’d hate to read another story about your needing stitches. Have fun!

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