City of Dreams

My dear Jeff of FEAST recently participated in City of Dreams, a traveling performance by Anna Galtarossa and Daniel Gonzalez. In the course of a Friday lunch hour, a marching band performed atop a sequined and glittering double-decker tour bus and drove around Manhattan, all in an effort to share the power of dreams. Artists created pajamas and costumes for those on board and the posse of dreamers whizzed through Times Square, the Empire State Building, and downtown. Artists Galtarossa and Gonzalez executed a dream of adventuring to NYC and this is one performance of many passages inspired by freedom and possibility.


I asked Jeff a few questions about his organizational input in the project:

How did City of Dreams start?

We started collaborating in 2007 on an ambitious public art project called Chili Moon Town Tour: a floating, utopian city that debuted on Chapultepec Lake in Mexico City.
Our performance City of Dreams was born with the same urge to celebrate the power of dreams and to divulge our own: to bring Chili Moon Town to New York City.


How are dreams manifested through this traveling performance, specifically through a double decker tour bus?

We used a very classic tourist vehicle as a platform to carry dreams.
Our performance is the materialization of a fable through a series of actions around NYC.
The bus was covered in our hand-sequined banners, participants donned fantastic costumes, four marching bands played and various artists participated with further elements such as masks, performances and decorations.


Who are the participants in addition to Anna and Daniel?

Hungry March Band (NYC)
Yellow Hat Band (Seattle)
Environmental Encroachment (Chicago)
Pink Puffers (Italy)
Kristina Semos (NYC)
Brock Shorno (NYC)
Ninaboy (Spain)
Le Metamorfosis de la Palomita (Spain)
Federica Dimatteo (Spain)
Yeray Nauset (Spain)


What were the performances like and what were the reactions from the public?

When our bus would pull over, dozens of performers in our artist-designed pajamas would flood the sidewalks – handing out balloons, starting pillow fights, and dancing with pedestrians. In SoHo, a distinguished soprano sang a lullaby to the street while the rest of us fell asleep on the sidewalk.


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