This Weekend

It’s a pretty hectic weekend.


Picture 2

Slideluck Potshow is tonight! I’ve been working as co-potluck director with two wonderful ladies to make the food section of the event as enticing as possible and have brought in local farms and purveyors, activists and educators to join us and share a dish and information about their organization. I just made california rolls for the evening, they’re imperfect but delicious and simple. Make sure to come by, eat, chat and be visually and mentally entertained by an array of amazing photos in the slideshow.


Artists Jenny Morgan and David Mramor will present individually and collaboratively created paintings at Like the Spice gallery tonight, above is an exquisite example of what happens when you take a painter who’s practice involves photorealistic renderings and collide it with another’s intuitive, scratchy and loose brushstrokes. The paintings equally coalesce in its realism and dreamy otherworldiness.

Picture 3

Singer/Songwriter and ukulele extraordinaire Kelli Rae Powell plays tonight at Bar 4. I first discovered her powerful and erratic yet mesmerizing voice at a theater performance and have been a fan since.

Picture 4

Starr Space is hosing a bizarre fundraiser with “strippers” for Roberta’s upcoming installation of a one-acre farm in bushwick. DJs Finger on the Pulse will be there and I’m sorry I’ll miss for I love these bro djs to heart. They make it dance.


Artist Mai Ueda will be performing “Family Dinner in a Parallel Universe” for Performa 09 at Emily Harvey Foundation. “Ueda invites a selection of her friends–musicians, fashion designers, and artists–to perform, dine and play music at the same time. A not-to-missed neo-fluxus event that will recall the Fluxus Dumpling dinner staged by Maciunas in 1971 in SoHo.”


Artist Jsun Laliberte is having a open studio/party in Dumbo. His paintings are thick and textured, organic and free flowing in form, a short look of nature gone awry.

I’ve mentioned The Prompt performance for Performa already, I’m really looking forward to this one.


I’m REALLY looking forward to experiencing Wangechi Mutu’s performance, she is one of my all time admired artists. In this performance, a multi-layered performance and installation created in collaboration with riveting composer and vocalist Imani Uzuri, takes as its starting point the disturbing stories of women who have been found guilty of adultery or promiscuity being executed through stoning.


In the afternoon I’ll be making grilled cheese and aww-ing at the children eating and listening at the book reading at WORD which I’ve also mentioned before.

Nick Suarez and Theo Peck are at it again with The Food Experiments, this time chocolate is the key ingredient in this competition and the event is in collaboration with Food 52, to be held at The Bell House. Tickets are pricey but I’m sure you’ll walk out with a gluttonous overdose in chocolate.

Scott Neightly performs at X-initiative in collaboration with Tom O’Neill. Desire Caught by the Tail us a darkly comic play written by Pablo Picasso during the Nazi occupation of Paris in 1941, about a motley group of characters who fight wartime deprivation with sensual acts of indulgence in food, sex, and poetry. I’m intrigued.

I’ve forgotten all about “fuck the pain away”, the song by the infamous Peaches. She’s playing at Terminal 5 and I’ll be there pounding my groin upon a stranger. Just kidding.



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3 responses to “This Weekend

  1. that naked Guan Yin is my friend Hannah. Weird that we have her boobie in common

  2. Potluck food was better than August! But wow, so many people….

  3. Joann

    i know! i gave up trying to control the potluck room after an hour and just ate.

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