This Weekend

It is yet another hectic weekend.


25 CPW is a new artist run alternative art space and their grand opening reception is tonight. The show “10 from 25: Emerging Artists Using Photography” will showcase the works of 10 founding members including my dear Hyla.

Guillame Desanges for Performa at X-Initiative tonight involves using the lecture format to give a history of performance in 20 minutes, propose a personal statement about the relationship between voice and the visual arts, and a mystical investigation into major figures of modern, minimal, and conceptual art, illustrated thru shadowplay. Sounds dense and entertaining.

– I don’t know why I didn’t enter the Miss G Train Pageant, it’s totally my kind of thing. But alas, I shy’d away from this one.

– Terence Koh apparently is giving a “lecture” on the history of art. ahem.



– One of my favorite Wburg galleries, SouthFirst (on North 6th) is having an opening titled Inglenook with artists Ariel Dill & Christian Sampson.

– The next Greenpoint Girls Group is tonight at Church of Messiah. It’s a potluck feast and we’re also raising funds for Just Food. I am going all out and planning to make mac n cheese, baked apples, smokey greens, roasted potatoes & sage, and walnut date bread. If you’re a kickass greenpoint lady and you want to join, email me. It will be pure estrogen fun.

– My old stomping grounds Hunter College is hosting MFA Open Studios tonight and Saturday. Make sure to check out Daniel Nelson at Studio #511.



– NOTHING could POSSIBLY be more important than GREENPOINT FOOD MARKET today starting at Noon. Come by and eat some grub, there are also workshops on how to make pate, tempeh and kombucha. There will also be a hot chocolate cookoff with proceeds to benefit Greenpoint Food Kitchen. I worked REALLY REALLY HARD for this one so please folks, pamper me and show me that pretty face of yours.

– OK maybe there are other events that’s just as fun and important such as Score!, put together by the lovely ladies at MeanRed. I’d come to the market first, then swap some of your goods for somebody else’s goods.

– There’s also FEAST and their awesome havoc wreaking fundraiser at Glasslands tonight. There will be free beer, dancing, raffles, and prizes. So go there after you eat some food and score some goods.

Hands Haacke is also opening tonight at X-Initiative to celebrate the third and final phase of the organization’s existence at the old Dia space in Chelsea. The artists’ solo show “Weather, or Not” will combine large-scale kinetic installations, photographs, and text-based works in a dramatically experiential environment. The show will address political issues of the present and natural processes that the artist has been exploring for over 40 years.



– Mouths are abuzz for Matt Timm’s infamous Chili Takedown at Bell House today. Make sure to go with an empty stomach.

– I’m going to write this in as short of words as possible. New Amsterdam Market today. I love it but am jealous of it. so there.

– The first annual Brooklyn Pie Bake-Off Benefit at Spacecraft is today. Who benefits? My belly, and Bags for the People.

– The glorious ladies at Sunday Night Dinner is having, a dinner.



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